What percentage of keywords is best for 500 word articles

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I put 500 word articles on all my sites, a lot of them. I only use one keyword phrase with 2 to 4 words in it. The keyword phrase is also always the title. How many times should I put them in a 500 word article. I know everyone has a different opinion but I would like to get some advice. Thank you in advance.
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    There is no golden rule or definitive answer on what is the perfect keyword density. Aim for something between 1 to 5%. Personally, I had one site that had a keyword density of 4% and I decreased it to just 1%, and it increased 3 ranks from #5 to #2. This was a long tail keyword with no other optimization or adjustments.
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    you do not want the article to sound like the keyword id force fed. If you can include first sentence, last sentence and one more in the middle you are golden
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    Make sure you have h1 h2 and h3 tags and I would go as high as 4% keyword density. Main keyword in first and last sentence and through in some LSI keywords.
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    Anywhere between 1 and 4% in my opinion is natural and what google wants to see. However, make sure you put good lsi keywords in there.
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    Minimum 2% and maximum 4% of keyword is best for 500 word articles.
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    I too only use 500 minimum articles on my site. The keyword density I usually use is around 2-3%.
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    2% is what i use, rarely more.
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    As others said there is no standart keyword density that someone should use in his/her article, in my opinion it's much better to use several variations of your main keyword than just use the same keyword again and again, additionally you should use your main keyword in your title and description meta tags...
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    2% to 3% is normally used by mostly person.
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    keyword should be 4-5 %
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    I think you should stick the keyword density between 2 to 3, which is an ideal number for most affiliate marketers. Also, make sure that you have H1, H2 and H3 tags to your article, which is a big help for boosting your article's ranking.
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    For a 500 words content the keyword density should be 4-5%.
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    It's not that it's difficult to pin down, it's just that keyword density doesn't exist (see Matt Cutts). However, 2 percent is the norm for a page on Google and 4% on Yahoo/ Bing. Meta, H1, H2, H3 are all important and should have spins on your keywords. Note: When I say it doesn't exist, I mean that there's a threshold above which it's more likely to be seen as spam, but pages are now being indexed very accurately without the relevant keyword combinations showing up at all, just the context being highly relevant.
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    What I do is have a minimum of 700 words in an article. 500 is a bit less than what Google loves for big sites.
    And my keyword density is around 3-4% sometimes 5%.
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    I will suggest you to keep not more than 2% for 500 words article. Coz repeating same keywords more than 10 time surely be spamming not only for Search Engine but also for any Reader/Visitor.
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    2%-4% density, also make sure the article flows well - you want it to be pleasurable for your readers. Sacrificing quality for keywords isn't a good idea.

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    The ideal way of using keyword is 2%-3% density article.
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    Well, I usually check sites from top 10 from the niche of my interest. If they have articles of the same size (and they usually do have) I check their keyword density and try to make the same to my article. But good content first, of course.
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    2 to 3% is quite good .

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