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Hi All,
I removed about 15 between-deep-page navigation links (list of cities). The results seem very favourable - at last I am getting the searches for my keyphrases - probably because the keyphrase density has risen fairly dramatically. Thing is, I think I need those navigation links to give a better user-experience (& to better engage users) and to increase the authority of the linked pages.

I'm in a quandary! What to do?

Any advice very gratefully recieved!

Striving Martin
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    Keyword density is considered for the page not for the whole domain.

    If you think those pages were important for your website and now after deleting them you are gaining rank, you can make the noindex.

    With this tag, your users will be able to view those pages but search engines will not crawl them.

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    Yes one thing is write that navigation about better user experience. I don’t think there is anymore benefits of navigation
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      C Rebecca,

      Thank you for taking the time to reply.

      Sorry, maybe my question wasn't very clear.

      I DO want Google etc to crawl the deep pages. Each deep page has its own keyphrase - but the navigation links on each of these pages is diluting the keyphrase densities on these pages. (There are other links to each of these deep pages from a level up). It's the navigation links between these deep pages that I'm wondering about.

      Someone suggested I could make the links using GIF buttons - so no HTML, search engine readable words - with no alt tags (though is that a bit "illegal"?).

      Striving Martin
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