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I am having my site re-designed and also taking a new SEO approach with new keywords.

This is the homepage of the site, just a mock that is hosted on the developers site for now: Piece of Cake

To me, the home page looks very image-based.

By going down this route, will I lose out on text that will assist my SEO?
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    A seArch engine can't read images. Yes your on page SEO can be affected.
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    OP, read this thread I posted last night, it will give you a good idea what Google is looking at on your pages.

    Here is a Google Cache simulation I did of your page, you can do the same by following the link above. It's not perfect, but it does give you a visual idea what's going on with your web pages.

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    It is very important that you have your keywords within relevant content of your site.

    Unfortunately, Google will read your images and link them for search relevance when crawling your site.

    Have you considered a blogroll and having a section of your homepage that show some of the most recent posts.

    I also came across a grammatical error:

    "The world's media and journalists
    and notified in minutes! " should read "are notified in minutes"
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  • I always try to have at least 750 words per page/article. This is not a fixed rule of course, but it certainly helps with SEO. Why not put images at the top, and then have the text below?
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