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by murrad
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Dear guys...I work for my new website which is about hotel website design & online reservation system(those two are the keywords as well). I work for 4 hrs a week, I work on blog posting, forum posting, social bookmarking(not effectively doing it) etc., but my website ranks at 78th position and suddenly moved to 33rd position and now back to 78. What would be the reason for this jump ?

Can anyone please clarify me...!?
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    SEO is full time job now if you keyword is really competitive then its really possible to see quick changes at your site ranking not to big but small changes is possible I think your site is new or less popular first do that. Bookmarking is a good way to get links but most of people uses them in spamming way. One and most important thing that most of bookmarking sites give no follow links so they are not really valuable for search engine ranking but it can give you more visitors if you do in right way.

    Finally I suggest you to be popular give reason to list your site at top place
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    This is most likely a Google Dance, but to know more we need more info.

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    Lack of SEO stuff and the google dance that is occurs frequently might be the strongs reason for that.
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    • You didn't mention how old your site was? This is very common with new sites, so don't worry too much. Just keep doing what you're doing.
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    Try creating more backlinks from quality domains while focusing your new keyword more and more. If you follow this your new keyword would be back in no time.....
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    That was they called Google dance. And IMO, 4 hours a week is not enough to meet your goals. In 4 hours you can only build few backlinks if your doing it manually, and you're not even sure that they get indexed.

    To be able to meet your goals, analyze your website. Figure out what I needs to rank, create an action plan and take action.
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    Thank you guys for your information.

    My site already having PR as 3 and it is more than 3 years old domain. I think I need to find the quality websites and promote them.

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    Even if your domain has been online for several years but you have recently commenced your main SEO practices, that could be the explanation about all those flictuations in ranks and constant ups and downs. Do not worry because you need to remain patient for some time, I believe your selected niche is competitive and even if you have already begun gathering packs of links for your website, it will take some time like weeks and months to see fixed results.

    Surely there are older domains than yours in your targeted niche which have been heavily promoted through links and quality contents for years by their admins. Do not forget to write some original contents and then publish them on your site, covering your main keywords because even strong links in most cases need to be accompanied by quality contents, the ranges of materials which have been written for audience. Also try listing your site on some relevant web directories.
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    Don't worre, just keep on working! It is always like that
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