Will My Add-On Domains Suffer If Main Site Get's Sandboxed?

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I'm not sure, but I think my main site's been sandboxed by Google. I put it up about four months ago, but took it down a month later. But before it came down, I did a scrapbox link blast. Put it back up last week and requested Google re-index it. Did another link blast, which I've since learned was probably a dumb thing to do. The site showed up yesterday, but it was gone when I checked again three hours later.

Now, I want to put up another site (my first attempt at an Adsense site), but I'm a little worried. I have a Hostgator plan with unlimited domains, but they're all add-on domains of the first.

Will this effect SEO with my new site?
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    I've done a site:mydomain.com search, and my site's definitely not in Google.
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    I'm not sure if by add-on domains you mean subdomains but if you simply mean additional domains being hosted in your account, I don't see why they'd be affected. If Google sees a significant amount of spam from a single IP, they might penalize other domains on that IP, but I would imagine it'd take a lot more to be considered significant enough to penalize an entire IP. I don't believe they have any way of seeing whether the domains are in the same hosting account or not, and HostGator is shared hosting.
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