How to build backlinks to new domain after 301 redirect.

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I have old domain with 20,000 backlinks, I made 301 to new better domain (fresh domain 1 month old, 0 backlinks), it's cool as Google/Bing updated rankings and it's going even up BUT how should I start build backlinks ?

Should I still build 5-7k per month to old and just very small amount 100 to new or can I just start building 5-7k per month to new domain (as it should be natural as when portal changed name also people should start pointing new domain what would normal) ???
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    I've done this a year ago the way warriorsaroj suggests and it worked fine
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  • 5-7K links per month will effect the ranking, SEO is always slow and steady.
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    You already gave your new domain 20k links,so it won't really effect your site if u make 5k links per month.Just go to webmaster tools and transfer the old domain to new domain.It will be as good as the old one.
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    The fact that you have redirected passes all the juice to the new domain. Just carry on as normal, as if it is the same site. Just change the domain/url you are linking to.

    As you allready have an established link profile passing to the new domain you can build that many links but I would guess they are automated blast type links many of which will not be counted anyway.

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    I would like to know the same thing..


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