Can Spammy PPC Efforts Affect Website in Google?

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I have a soon to be ex SEO client that as soon as I see improvement in ranking (3rd page to 2nd page movement) they will randomly dissappear for a month or so. After that period they will show back up close to where they were before. This has happened several times.

Upon doing some back end research, I have found they are running 'spammy' PPC ads for search keywords relating to other businesses, with other business names as their anchor text, pointing to the website I am trying to rank. My question is, can this affect the validity of their website in Google's eye, and negatively affect their organic ranking, i.e. sandbox them?
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    If I understand correctly what you're describing, yes, the ads your client is running could affect their Google rankings. Google's algorithms are very good at spotting any type of black hat SEO techniques. Using one business's name but linking to a different site falls under that umbrella. I'm glad to hear you're planning on dropping them as a client.
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    Yes spammy PPC will definitely effect website and it can also bring your website down in rankings in the search engine.
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    Yes it's very possible, since Google is paying closely attention to your website when you do Adwords.
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