Can you recover from possible PR fraud?

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Hi there

I have been reading a few posts lately about some types of domain fraud that are hard to detect. I'm not sure if I have fallen victim to it or not but I am wondering if anyone could share their ideas.

I recently bought a PR6 and a PR7 domain on DP. They were both 3 years old and did have backlinks as high as PR5 going to them and of course other lesser PR links but the PR7's highest backlink was a PR6 and the PR6's highest backlink was a PR4.

I have since built around 5 PR7 backlinks to the PR7 domain and around 3 PR6 backlinks and a PR7 backlink to the PR6 domain.

I am wondering if because initially the PR7 domain's highest backlink was a PR6 and initially the PR6's highest backlink was a PR4 if I have been a victim of this domain fraud and if I have whether people think having built these backlinks to the domains that I should be fine in the next PR update?

I realise it's all speculation and no-one knows for sure but I am hoping some of the more experienced domain buyers will be able to shed some light on this and maybe let me know some of what to expect?

Your help is appreciated.
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    i believe upto pr7 it doesnt matter that either your website is linked with same pr website or not, but to get pr 8 or 9 it does. however, pr4-pr7 can help you achieve below pr 8 rankings.
    thats what i saw on seomoz picture blog quite a while ago.
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    Can you clarify? THat doesn't seem to make alot of sense?
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    So no one outside of Google knows for sure what Google's algorithm is for calculating page rank, but take a look at the link below to see if how many backlinks are required to get a page rank of 6 and 7.

    How to Improve Google Page Rank with High PR Backlinks

    This is not my website, but just the first that appeared when searching for the topic.

    Based on the this site, you will need 101 PR 6 or 18 PR 7 backlinks to maintain your PR 7 website.
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    I checked out the site you mention but those tables just look like some sort of math table.

    There are many examples of sites that have a PR7 that don't have 18 PR7 backlinks to them!
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    Yes, the table does look like a math table. Don't let that put you off. It is an easy to table to work with. On the left hand side you have a list of PRs of the pagerank you are trying to obtain (in your case the number is 6 and 7). Go down to PR 6 and then scan across the row. The numbers in each of these columns tells you how many backlinks of that column's PR (listed at the top of the column) you need to achieve a PR of 6.

    The website shows you that there are many ways to get a PR7 page. For example, the table shows that you will need 500,000 PR1 backlinks, 92K PR2 backlinks, 16.8K PR3 backlinks, 3.0K PR4 backlinks, 555 PR5 backlinks, 101 PR6 backlinks, 18 PR7 backlinks, 3 PR8 backlinks, or 1 PR10 backlink.

    Obviously, there are multiple ways to achieve a PR7 and one can use combinations of any of the forgoing backlinks to achieve the the required page rank.

    Study the table again. Don't treat it like the Bible, but it is probably the best guide you will get to help you guesstimate what backlinks are required to maintain your PR.
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