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im a complete rookie. I have a site that has been getting about 200-300 visitors a day. Its a fantasy sports blog that I try to update about 2-3 times a week.

i have some adsense on the site and i get about $35 a week from those ads. I have a good cpc of about .21

now ive been reading this site and i dont know if im just missing the picture or what have it. But from what I can tell backlinking seems to be 1 of the 4 things needed to generate more site traffic.

now i have fresh content updated, i have good keywords (i think), and i have a good niche. I go onto the forums and post on there about my site and I get people coming to the site from there.

my question: how would one backlink to a fantasy sports blog. is what im doing an example of backlinking? or should I be doing something else?

edit: I can post on as long as I dont spam it. which i dont. According to google analytic most of my traffic is direct links, which means not a lot of new visitors.
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    what your doing on espn is considered backlinking. Basically it just means anywhere online you can leave a live link back to your site. The question is if your trying to rank your site in the search engines for organic traffic but If your getting 6k to 9k in visitor traffic monthly from forum posting then what your already doing is great.

    Find other related forums or sports blogs, leave comments and include a link back to your site. I may be wrong but a sports related site sounds like it would be very competiteve to rank and get organic traffic.

    I would keep building traffic through forum and related blog postings.

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    correction on my post. i get 200-300 page views a day. more like 75-100 visitors.
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      Ahh ok, well if your not that experienced in seo to get your site ranked in the search engines yet I would still consider expanding your efforts in other forums and sports blogs.

      You can find a never ending supply of SEO stuff right here on WF to start the process of getting your site ranking for your keywords. SEO takes time when done correctly so in the mean time really keep trying to pull traffic similar sources like youve done with espn.
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    Sounds like you're doing pretty well so far for a rookie. How long has your site been going?

    It also sounds like a fun topic that would draw a lot of traffic. You can get a lot of resources on backlinking here at the forum, but remember to keep it fun. That's what you're in it for, besides the money.

    I'd suggest continuing to go where your potential visitors are - like espn. Look for other forums and blogs like yours. Comment, participate, link back to your site where appropriate. You can find like-minded people and share content on each other's sites. You could even hold a cross-blog conversation on a specific subject or competition with another blog, where you post something every day for week - basically talking to each other in the form of your posts.

    Do you have a Facebook Page? I would think you could build up a following and some traffic there also. Try to come up with an idea for a page that hasn't already been done everywhere, but which people would be interested in. I don't know much about your topic, but asking people to share pictures, stories etc is always good.

    Do you have anything that would lend itself to making some videos? You can easily take a few fun photos, put them into Windows Live Movie Maker or iMovie, add some music and create a video to put up on Youtube. Put your link in the description and you can get more traffic.

    There are endless methods, so aim for the ones you enjoy doing. If you can build interaction with people in different places, the traffic will keep increasing.

    - Sharyn Sheldon

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      Yeah what you're doing is certainly a method of backlinking and there are always other things you can be doing - backlinks aren't everything.

      Try focusing on your onpage tactics like site structure, URL structure, title tags, content, internal linking, etc.

      Website Structure
      Have your main categories in the nav bar with relevant child categories wherever suitable. For example, with a fantasy sports blog, do something like Homepage > Basketball > Players > Lebron James where Basketball is the main/root category, Players is the child category and then Lebron James is your post. Think of organizing sub-folders on your site like sub-folders in My Documents on your computer. You're organizing a ton of documents so the more sub-folders you have the clearer it's going to be for Google.

      URL Structure
      You URLs should reflect your category structure. We'll use the same example above, for the Lebron James Post your URL should look something like this:

      Make sure you throw a ".html" or ".htm" at the end to signify the end of the tunnel. Without it, Google may see your post as an open folder and expect a deeper link.

      Be careful about having more than one homepage URL. Things like ,,, etc. are considered different pages to google. Make sure every page on your site has one URL only.

      Title Tags
      For title tags the general formula to have (some may disagree) is:

      Keyword 1 - Keyword 2 (- Keyword 3)

      You want to keep your title tag under 68 characters max. I put Keyword 3 in brackets because sometimes you don't have enough room. You should be able to fit in 2 keywords no problem. For example, a page about Fantasy Basketball would have a title tag like...

      Fantasy Basketball - Fantasy Basketball Team Names & Rankings

      This title tag would be a good place to start, make a few tweaks here and there if necessary and monitor the SERPs.

      Have good, informative, unique content on your site with your keyword and variations used appropriately throughout. Make sure you always have the user in mind when writing. What do they want to know? Why are they coming to your page? Give them a reason to not only come to your website and stay but to keep coming back.

      Internal Linking
      Throw some links in your content and point them to other pages on your site. For example, if in your Basketball category you mention fantasy football, hockey, and baseball, link them to their respective pages. If you're linking to say your Fantasy Hockey category make sure your anchor text is 'fantasy hockey' and not just 'hockey'. You can link back to your homepage from your category pages with your main keywords. Throw some links in wherever you can but don't overdo it.
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    You would need to build backlinks with anchor text to your targeted keywords. Whatever those may be:

    "Fantasy football"
    "Top Fantasy football picks"


    You can manually build the links yourself and hire someone to do it for you.
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