can a 14,000 google keyword with 0 competition make money with affiliates?

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found a sub niche keyword in the adult niche that has 14,000 exact searches and 0 web sites competing in that sub niche, when i google it, it only brings up single pages from video sites...just wondering if i could make a site like that work with affiliates?
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    if you find a related affiliate program, then it's a great opportunity, because you will have no problems to reach first SERP.
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    Ya It will be good the conversion will be 0.6% if you are on top 1 better find a good aff program before starting.
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    You left out any information that would help anyone make even a remotely accurate guess.

    That's like the classic "how long is a piece of string?" question.
    "Keep moving forward."
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      Originally Posted by Matt Ward View Post

      You left out any information that would help anyone make even a remotely accurate guess.
      This ^^^^ exactly. It clearly isn't possible to answer your question at all from the information given. (I respectfully suggest you treat with some caution the answers of anyone who tries to, without even knowing whether or not it might be a "buying keyword"!).
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    Depends on the niche and the offer. How great is the likelyhood of these people to purchase something while looking for (free) adult content? Are there any affiliate offers that could suit this public? I would try CPA if i were you.

    See the competing web pages, and investigate what they promote next to the content? And the conversion rate mentioned in the other post? Don't know how he calculated that, just don't fix yourself on that as there are too many variables.
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    ensure it is buyer keyword you are vying for otherwise you might just be like me competing for inf keyword without a single sales fora long period
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    That's hard to say without know the keyword or what it concerns. If it's something like "web hosting for autistic kindergartners" (doubt that's real) then you can use web hosting affiliates. If its a sub niche, then use the main niche's affiliates.

    Worst comes to worst, make the first product for that niche or place up some impression ads so you get paid when people visit the website.
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    If you have a buying keyword then you have a goldmine.
    To address this issue from my experience, a keyword with 0 competition and over 14k traffic means it's not going to be profitable except if its a new product/keyword.

    Due your diligence.
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    I know one thing for sure.

    Its a keyword, not "Google's keyword"

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