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So, I had a site that was sitting nicely at no 6 in big ol G then after a blast of 1000 social bookmarks which by the way had great reviews seemed to drop my site out of the top 100!

Has any one else had this kind of problem and what has been the best way to get the site back up there?
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    It happens... Sometimes when there is algo update, there is re-shuffling of teh ranks... it will come back in some time...
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    When you 'blast' (whenever with SB, Senuke, SBookamrs) there's huge possibility for drop in rankings. They should be back, but that's not always case.

    Remove adsense if (if you have ofc) and when you see your site is not coming back, you gotta do more backlinking - BUT vary anchors as much as possible.
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    Usually such huge drops in ranks can be normal to happen after gathering tons of links very quickly and if your website is newly launched, like less than one year old, it is logical to expect such drops and nearly everyone has experienced such a thing but if you stop doing link building for a while and stop posting your URLs on lots of social bookmarking portals, after a while gradually you will notice the ranks and traffic stats will be returning back to the normal and previous phases.

    Normally, gathering tons of links too quickly might raise a red flag and if your niche is too competitive, that could also be another reason for huge quick drops because Google might assume that your are going to promote your site too heavily and quickly. Usually the older the sites, the less fluctuations will occur. One more point is about presence of authority links. Try gaining a few quality links from relevant sites and directories, they will help fixing your ranks on Google after a while.
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    Rankings will come back soon enough. Never forget to keep on building backlinks to your site on an ongoing basis. If Google sees that your link velocity has abruptly stopped after you did the Social Bookmarking blast, then it might lower your rankings.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I went and added more content to the site, some wiki links and will add some Google plus ones in there.

    I believe social votes will play some role for rankings in G now?
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    According to me it may be because of over search engine optimization. As you said you did 1000 social book-marking for your website but not clear the time. How many time you take to submit whole book-marking? If you did this in very short time then it is the reason for dropping search engine ranking. It's my thought according to experience. Nevertheless can you plz. share such book-marking site list with me? I want to check them about quality.
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    It was a service on wicked f called social bookmarking bomb, you can go over and check them out. Great reviews about the service but for some reason my site took a big hit from it!
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    these type of blast do these type of things..everything beyond limit is dangrous..
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    Now what you need to do is to just keep on giving consistent links to the site and also start your new site as there are chances you will not get your site back or will not recover 100%.
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