How to Stop Showing Adsense ads to people coming from Facebook?

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My website is getting good traffic these days from search engines and hence i created a facebook fan page for my website. My facebook fanpage is increasing in size around 150 people now and I don't want to show adsense ads when they come to my website from the fanpage... Is there a way to do that ? I use wordpress.

Also MY CTR is around 9% and I feel its due to the increase in traffic, but still I am really afraid that I might be banned by google for invalid clicks I am tracking the exit link activity via statcounter and so far everything looks ok.. Statcounter usually shows way more clicks as they consider an exit link activity even for a page load... I want to know from experts here that having high CTR is bad ??
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    Why would high CTR be bad? Google wants to sell the ads, and the only way to sell them is to get people to click on them. I have known people have 35% or more CTR and just loving it. 9% if better than many, but less than many. So I wouldn't worry about it if I was you.

    Tim Pears

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    In php you can do this with this way:

    if ( strpos( $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], '' ) === false ) {

    <!-- here goes the adsense code -->

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    Is it your site with 9% CTR Aimless walk ??
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    My only question is why would you want to stop showing ads that can make you money? Bit lost on that one! I would not worry about a CTR of 9% in the slightest, it's good but not so high as to put you on their radar, the 'invalid clicks' thing is bit more sophisticated than google just looking at your CTR. I use 'jing' screen capture tool (Free download does the job) to take a snapshot of my statcounter if I get say one idiot clicking 10 times in 10 secs and just email a snapshot to google, if you are based in the one country and statcounter shows the clicks coming from the other side of the world then it's doubtful they will penalise you. Just one rule - never click on your own ads
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    @adsenselive Thanks for the information... But statcounter exit links are not consistent with the clicks... am i correct ? They just detect sometimes going out of a page as exit links..

    @Johnnyborga I will look into it.. Thanks mate
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