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Hey guys I'm still pretty new to this and need some advice. I have a key word that's supposed to get $4 cpc according to googles keyword tool. I know you usually can expect maybe half this per click but I'm getting like 5-30 cents per click usually. The traffic is pretty good too (60 uniques a day almost all US 95+%) and the page is optimized for that keyword. Anything I can do to improve this? Also the competition according to the keyword tool is low, is this possible the cause for the low cpc I'm experiencing? Thanks !
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    yeah thats almost certainly the cause. low competition for a keyword for advertisers means they can pay a super low amount for a click as nobody is competing for those clicks. I generally target 6 keywords per site other than my money site where I target about 17 KW's. 2 low comp, 2 mid and 2 high comp per keyword tool. its ALOT more to it but thats the simple simon version.
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    I always go after medium CPC and high competition keywords. Not had any flops yet (fingers crossed).

    Some things you may want to test:

    1. Try removing some of the ads (if you have loads). I have found that having fewer ads gives me better EPCs.
    2. Experiment with different ad formats.
    3. Give it some time. The adsense algorithm does try to optimize for earnings, but it nearly always fails. You never know though.
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