URGENT: Huge drop of Adsense pageviews by 500% but traffic has not dropped!

by jl255
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One of my sites' ad units (not all but just 2) saw a massive drop in pageviews and thus revenue too. BUt when i check traffic to my site, nothing has changed significantly. Sources of traffic, impressions, time on site all have remained constant.

This happened about 4 days ago and has remained like that. What could be wrong???

I really out of ideas.... pls help urgently!
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    unfortunately i can't PM till i hit 50 posts
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      You may have had some pages banned by google,
      so now the adsense is not showing. They do
      that from time to time, and probably a lot of people
      don't realize some of their pages have been disabled
      for adsense. It happens quite frequently, actually.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    tks for the idea. but i don't think so.

    note that this happens to only 2 of the ads on my site. the rest of the ads, including sitewide ones have not dropped in pageviews. so if some pages were banned, all ads shld see a drop.

    besides, mine is a tech blog, really no good reason to ban.
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    as mentioned traffic looks all normal but ONE thing. my bounce rate plunged from 90% to 20% on the SAME day that my adsense pageviews plunged. But the bouncerate recovered back to 90% after 2 days.

    Adsense remained low till now.
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      Check your adsense code...you may have been hacked and they inserted their code in those positions.
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    When you go to your site do you see the ads? If you do, then do as Talen suggested and check the code; you may have been hacked --- or it could be a malicious plugin that you installed (if you're using Wordpress).

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    yeah i've checked that already. codes look right.
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      Are you using a plugin to insert the adsense code? some plugins insert their own ads at times...usually not as much as you mentioned but it's something else to look into.
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    I just saw this article and thought of you:

    Google Acknowledges AdSense Is Down For Some, Says It's Working On The Issue

    Publishers this morning began reporting problems with Google’s AdSense — no ads were showing on their sites — and now Google acknowledges the problem. A Google spokesperson told Marketing Land: “There is currently an issue with AdSense for Content ads not showing on a small number of publishers’ sites. Our engineers are working to investigate and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.”
    Maybe this is your problem?

    There's also a "Known Issues" page on Adsense Help: Known Issues - AdSense Help

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    im still seeing inconsistency of ads being shown. I have 3 ad slots and many times only 2 of the 3 are being showin ads, and down about 40% in CPM since the weekend. They claim in the thread issue has fixed and it has to be something else but too many people experiencing the same thing.
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