Need help getting my adsense reapproved by creating a new one

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I recently tried to put adsense on my blogger blog and it seems i did the wrong thing because adsense emailed to say that i had tried to open up a new account with them and now they have made my account not active.

On the email they sent me, it said i could close my old account down and open up a new one, so I decided to do that as i have no code up or earnings on my old one.

I followed the procedures to do this until i got to a form where you essentially reapply.

However, it asks you to fill in all the boxes and it asks you for 2 email addresses.

The first is Approved Adsense account login (email associated with active account)

The second is Desired New Login (email associated wit disapproved application)

I find this wording very confusing. Is the first one the new adsense account you would be trying to open and the second one the old one that was disapproved ? or the other way about ?

Also, my original adsense account and the account i used with the blogger application are the same account ! with the same email ! so i was thinking that maybe i should put my old adsense account email in there for both

But at the bottom of the form, there is a note that says Login emails entered in the field "Approved Adsense account login" and "Desired New login" should differ. If the info entered isn't correct, it might prevent us from completing your request.

I'm not sure what to do, I don't want to do the wrong thing again.
Please help and advise me on this.

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    anyone know what to do here ?
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    I would call them, a number of things could happen such as a previous domain owner, it could have been denied because of something they did.. They should have given you a telephone number you can call them and they will set up your first campaign for you.
    Absolute Logo Perfect for your small business!
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    They, Adsense, didn't give me a telephone number to call.

    I emailed them in reply to their email to me but they didn't respond to my original email.

    They say that they don't really respond to emails asking for help, and their help centre is not that great.
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