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When I search Google kw tool

the kws I am finding in this niche appear with the SAME monthly search totals (exact local) , Whether you put S or no S on the words


Big Bird 22,000 searches
Big Birds 22,000 searches

which one to use?
I guess if you use the one with S it catches both terms but it is frustrating that this kw tool is that inaccurate

I would like to know WHAT term is most searched for so that I can adjust my anchor text of my backlinks accordingly, I am sure , well maybe google just considers singular and plural as the same, and interchangeable but I doubt it
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    Use both for purpose of keywords variation.
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      Originally Posted by Joseph Then View Post

      Use both for purpose of keywords variation.
      Yes for anchor text backlinks mixing it up sure

      but if you are making the title for your Main Targeted url
      you cant say

      Big Bird or Birds in Nature. How are they found?

      You have to choose one term to keep the site user friendly and readable. It sounds ridiculous to use both terms in title, Url, header and description
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    i dont think it is a good idaea to take both as keywords.How i do is to take the one with higher volume,if the volumes are the same,do it ramdonly.
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    google consider them both as same keyword....
    so don't worry you can use both, they have the same effectiveness...
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    As per me if you consider the keyword that is with the 's' then it will be include results for both terms. So you should select the keyword with the 's' for getting the results.
    But at other side many of the people not used to use 's' in their query so it is also again the other issue. So you need to target both kind of keywords that is with the 's' or without the 's'.
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    Use both. It will exclude apoosibilty that one of them will be taken by your rivals. You can make a redirection.
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