I need help understand maket samurai seo competition and keyword research, please help me

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Hello to everyone. I am confused alot about market Samurai. I've watch the v "The Challenge" training vidoes on keyword research and analizing the seo competition using Market Samurai.

I have an old domain name that I purchased a long time ago when I was experimenting something.

Anyways my domain name is:

www.miamihairlossclinics dot com and I never did any type of "Off Page SEO". This site has no backlinks at all. Anyways when I go to google and I type:
miami hair loss clinics my site is in position 1 for that keyword. That is great, right?



Because after learning a bit on how to use market samurai watching the training videos from "the challenge", he said that the following requirements:

SEOT 80 minimum
PBR 15% minimum
SEOC 30,000 maximum

Well now that I know that, if I analize my site and the keyord I was trying to rank for, this are my results for my keyword:

PBR 55%
SEOC 1550

The only thing here that is suck is the SEOT which is zero. That means 0 daily traffic and visits to my site.

But anyways, what I am confused about is when I go to market samurai and I go to the SEO Competition, and I analize it against the other sites I get this for my keyword:

PR 0
BLP which stands for backlinks 0
Yahoo No
Title Yes
Url No

I only chose those settings because that is what the training videos on the challenge said that I need to be concerned about.

Now there are the top 10 results and I am not going to show in here all of the statistics for the remaining 9. But getting back to what I am confused about is this.

We already establish that my site is ranking on the 1st position for my keyword.

The second site below mines is:
http://www.drshapiroshairinstitute dot com

Here is the information for this site:
PR 3
BLP 29,785
Yahoo Yes
Title No
Url NO

Ok my question is why is my site beating this one.

This site obviously has a better page rank than mines which is 3, it has 29,785 backlinks pointing back to it, it is in the Yahoo directory which gives it way more authority.

The only thing that my site has better is that my site has the keyword in the title and in the url. That is it!

If only my site had an SEOT of minimum 80 then maybe I would of had one or a few sales with clickbank since I place some clickbank ads on the right.

I would love to create another site like mines just to experiment and see what happens but just this time with an SEOT of minimum 80 like "the challenge" recommends.

Also "the challenge" said to stay away from any fields that are red because those sites are very had to beat and compete with. But like I said earlier, when I created my site months ago, I didn't know anything about this since I didn't know anything about market samurai and the challenge training videos.

But now that I found out, I notice that by accident my site is ranking better than a site which is in red at least in one field which is the BLP aka backlinks of 29,785 and my site has 0.

Anyways, this is hard to explain but can someone who is familiar with market samurai or the challenge please help me understand all of this.

Thank you and sorry if I confused the heck out of anybody, lol...Just trying to learn

Thank you
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    Hi Ray,
    Youtube is the best coach.....

    Here is the link to Market Samurai tutorial....

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    Hi Raywarrior...ok I think I know the answer to your question.

    Let's say I thought there was a market for 'purple chinstraps'

    I register that domain in the hope that I can make a business.

    By default (if there wasn't really a market for that product) let's say I end
    up being ranked #1 for that keyword...even though I have no backlinks
    on or off page seo etc etc.

    I rank #1 because nobody else is bothered about that keyword.

    Now let's say there was another site in a similar niche that has high PR
    loads of backlinks etc etc......they have never optimised for 'purple chinstraps'
    but...purely by chance, they have an unrelated article on their site that
    happens tp mention, in passing, the phrase 'purple chinstraps'.

    Can you see that because of all their other positive seo...they would
    rank high in this uncompetitive (actually non existent) niche of 'purple chinstraps'

    Not as high as the guy who owns the domain www . purplechinstraps.com
    but No2.

    No2 is of no use...but they didn't optimise for it anyway.

    The basic problem is....setting up a domain and targetting a 'niche' that gets
    little in the way of searches.

    A niche is only a niche if someone is actually typing into the search engines.

    I hope that makes sense.

    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

    Say This Instead

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      More than likely, the word is a very long tail word with very low demand and no supply. That means that page you're looking at probably isn't considered all that relevant to the search, but it's the best thing google has to serve up for the query.

      Look at your analytics on a site that has traffic. You'll see thousands of long tail keywords, many of which could be easily captured by building a page specifically around those very long tail keywords....however, why bother, since they hold little value.

      A word of advice. Before you go chasing keywords because you like the SEOT, ask yourself why. Often those numbers aren't truly accurate and hold little commercial value despite what the tools say.

      If that keyword doesn't support a bigger business vision, don't bother spending the time or money going after it.
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    This is a question for the product creators - ask them and you'll get your definitive answer.

    nothing to see here.

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    I think that in addition to using any software, you have to ask yourself three main questions:

    1. Is this a search term which will be used by someone who is looking to purchase what I am offering?;

    2. Are there enough people using this term to make it worth while?: and

    3. Am I going to be able to rank for this keyword (ie. how high is the opportunity)?
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    Youtube is where I learned how to use that tool

    the tricky part is figuring out, what SEO factors are important? and
    what SEO factors to ignore
    Tech article writing .Native English Speaker(with Proof)
    specializing in SmartPhones , Internet security, high tech gadgets, search engines, tech shows, digital cameras.

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      Ok I am thank you for your explanations but I am still lost and had a hard time understanding your answers.

      For those who said that why am I looking for a keyword that has no searches per month or a low seot, if you read again carefully you will see the explanation for this.

      Let me expalin again. When I purchased the domain miamihairlossclinics dot com I purchased it because there was a wso special that I bought that teaches how to rank on the first page by buying a domain with a local city name in front of the domain. Did it work? Yes it did. The purpose of this wso was then to see this domain space to local business who wanted to rent that space monthly.

      That never work for me. So then after I purchased MArket Samurai I started learning though watching the training videos of the challenge what seo competition is and how to analize. I also learn a little bit about keyword research.

      So then I used market samurai to see why am I ranking on the first position when the second site for my keyword "miami hair loss clinics" has a better page rank and way more backlinks then mines

      I am trying to understand why this happens when in the challenge they explain that it is hard to beat a site that has red fields in the backlinks, page rank, in title, in url fields.

      They advice to look for all green sections.

      So why did is my site above site number 2

      Go to google and type: miami hair loss clinics

      you will see result 1: miamihairlossclinics.com position 1

      position 2: thehairlosscenter.com

      Now go to market samurai if you have it.

      Open up a new project and type the keyword: miami hair loss clinics

      when you are in the main dashboard choose seo competition

      Now only choose: page rank, backlinks, title, url, yahoo directory. Also make sure you choose "the challenge"

      Now I want you to look at my site being rank # 1 and is all green fields with no PR and no backlinks

      Now look at the second site and you will see that it had a better PR and lots of backlinks

      I need an explanation as to why does this happens and why...

      I did get some explanations earlier but I am very confused with those answers. I tried to read them over and over but I still don't get it, lol, sorry I am a bit slow.

      The reason why I am asking this question is because I am curious to know if I end up choosing a keyword that has a minimum seot of 80 like the challenge recommends, and I build my site just like my site miamihairlossclinics and ends up ranking number 1 position one, will I make some money maybe if I just add some adsense ads to the side and to the bottom of the site.

      SEOT for those that don't know is the approx. number of daily a visits that a site gets for that keyword. I chose exact and daily on my setttings.

      Anyways, I hope someone can explain to me more clear. I am sorry for this confusing question, but i like learning little things that might make a big impact on learning how seo competition and keyword research works.

      No one ever talks about little technical things like this

      Maybe I am just too picky about learning, lol

      Thank you guys!

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        Originally Posted by raywarrior1978 View Post

        will I make some money maybe if I just add some adsense ads to the side and to the bottom of the site.

        are you getting any unique visitors to the site ? gads show 22 searches a month for your term but people are if gads is correct paying A$8.58 so if your getting some unique visitors you may be able to sell some leads or rent the site out to sombody in the area,

        probably not going to make millions but your new green and just learning to make your first few dollars could be good for you.

        miami hair loss clinics
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    I used to have MS for a while and arrived at some very similar questions! LOL

    At length, after loooads of research I decided to actually understand what it is that MS is trying to do. What data is it using, WHY is it recommending certain numbers and not others - and so on.

    I did that because I just couldn't rank on what I targeted - or - if I did manage to rank, it wouldn't return any yield! I also tried a few other keyword research programs like Keyword Elite, IBP and a few others. Invariably I hit the same "ceiling" of not being able to achieve the results I was lead to believe would be "perfect for me" if I only follow the recommendations. Well, I either didn't follow those recommendations all that well - or - there was something flawed with those recommendations, LOL.

    After some months of that, and some heavy-duty reading (mostly what Google themselves had to say about these things) I developed my own system which was suitably simpler and - for me at least - infinitely more effective. I've radically simplified everything until it made sense to me. And I also threw out all the elements which, to my mind, were red herrings. At length, I stopped my MS subscription even though there's lots of stuff there I could probably benefit from. But for now at least, I'm making do really nicely without it.

    One problem with MS and other automated keyword research solutions is that there are NO ABSOLUTES. A newbie user is unlikely to understand that straight off the bat.

    Over the years, I have encountered keywords which have seemingly MONSTROUS competition which I have conquered after just weeks of halfheartedly trying; and other keywords which had seemingly really LOW competition - which I battled and battled with... and still didn't conquer! In those cases, the "standard recommendations" crumble, don't they?

    Another issue is that there REALLY is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to keywords. I haven't seen ANY other keyword research system (other than mine) which acknowledges this. So maybe I'm deluding myself. But - I'm also proving myself right, daily. What I mean by this is simple: If you obtain a "hot list of keywords" from MS or any other source, it can be COMPLETELY MEANINGLESS for you - depending on your site's current standing on the web!

    A "hot" keyword for you, may be too hard for me (or it may already be in the bag). And what I already "own" all the "recommended" keywords? What if I'm ready to conquer the big ones? I never found answers to such questions in these standard market-leading programs. In hindsight, it's a good thing as I then forced myself to do my own study.

    Anyway - some niches are easy, some are hard. Some niches have LOTS of well-SEO'ed sites, other not. Some sites may have a huge TrustRank and strong semantic environments, while others may not - and ALL these things (and more) can impact their "recommended" keyword selections GREATLY.

    I've commented on this post here: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...aste-time.html and you might want to see if something in there gives you ideas on how to interpret your keyword data.

    Sorry if I couldn't give you specific input on your MS question. But hopefully you might find some sense in a deeper "manual" study of Google Search and Google Keyword Tool!

    cheers paul

    Specializing in SEO research. You may be interested in SEOlater Deep Keyword Research System, KeywordAikido upcoming Total Niche Domination System or my general site MarketingEasyWeb.

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      Thanks Paul for your point of view in this matter. I will read the link you posted.

      I'm buffled about his whole thing??

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        what is the best and latest keyword research guide so i can learn proper keyword research?

        Any great recommendations?

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