Someone verified my site in Webmaster tools, help plz

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Hey guys, a while ago my friend asked if he can use my hosting acc to host his site since but today i found out that he took control of 1 of my sites in google webmaster tools (by uploading that verification file), is there a way i can revolk him from being able to seeing my website stats?

i've already deleted the verification file, but idk if it'll do anything since he already verified the site

Edit: nvm found out how to manage users
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    Same problem, i have found two verification files, one does nt belong to me. Which one?
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      the verification file NEEDS to be there for the site to continue being verified.. just delete it and he'll lose access once google sees the verification file is deleted..

      managing users only work for YOUR webmaster tool and YOUR verification file.
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        Hi solved:

        First thing is to know, which one is yours (this system doesnt allow to paste link):
        at www programva com -> SEO advices

        Then you will know, what to delete.

        Dont't forget to change ftp access password and your CMS admins password,

        Try to download all site and check for uploader panels and viruses with antivirus (clamvin is good too).

        If site is old, check files according modify and change date. New files need to be checked.

        It is plenty of work, but hackers sometimes are stupid too. For example they upload only one file and go out.
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    People, people, people. I don't care if I get slammed for this.
    People reading me know this is a pet peave.

    If you cannot run and operate a website, don't own one.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Just delete all the GWT verification code on the site, go to your GWT account & grab the code, paste the code on your site.

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