Can Anyone Tell Me If This is a Bad Idea?

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I have a product review site nearly 1 year in age that laid dormant (no backlinking/content added0 since last May.

2 weeks ago I started my SEO outsourcer on it and like was expected, the site is doing the google dance right now.

i am giving my site a complete makeover. i'm re-writing all the reviews, making far more detailed, changing the theme.

can you tell me if the following idea is good:

I am planning on un-publishing all 10 reviews on my site, then drip feeding them 1 by 1 ever week until the site populates fully. i see it, this way google and the rest of the search engines will see my site developing naturally.

is this safe to do with a year old domain. i figure my site is already getting slapped a bit by google, i really have nothing to lose
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    any input guys?
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    I think you can follow the suggestion of this guy:

    What to expect from an SEO and budget
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    • Personally I haven't had any problems changing themes on sites when it comes to rankings. I think this should be ok in my opinion.
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    you to over optimize with you off page optimization.
    try build backlink slowly, 20 backlinks/day.
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    I would not unpublish anything. Just update the current posts to be higher quality.

    Make sure you keep the URLS the same. That is truly what determines the authority of your website. If you de-index old urls and create new ones you are essentially starting over.

    Not that you're losing that much by the sounds of it, but it's still kind of a waste.
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      Originally Posted by co2 View Post

      Make sure you keep the URLS the same.

      Set 301 redirects. No big deal.

      BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    Don't unpublish anything you better build more backlinks to your site so it will be okay again..
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    Re-vamp... update... add to... but never unpublish.
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