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I've been using Build My Rank (BMR) for the past several months on many of my sites and have seen good results from it. Now after posting almost 800 posts total for like 15 or so sites (average about 50 posts for each site...some with over 70 posts) and getting many sites from page 2 to page 1 (and several in the top 5) should I just continue with the regular posting to try to get my sites as high as possible in the SERPs?

Some sites just seem to stall like on bottom on page 1, others stall at the #2 or #3 spot, and others went to like top 5 (from page 2) and then dropped off back to page 2 after being there for a like a week or so (I still submit posts to these sites, but they just don't seem to move again from their current positions after that initial jump up the SERPs).

So I'm just curious for those that use BMR do you just keep at it and submit posts week after week for all your sites until they hit #1 (or at least top 3) or there comes a time when any more posts doesn't seem to have any more effect on SERP movement? I've mixed in other linkbuilding methods to these sites currently as well so that it's just not all one method, but so far when I used BMR only for that first one month really helped with getting my sites back to page 1.

I'd really like to hear feedback from you guys that have been using BMR for a while now.
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    Hand-writing the articles is taking you too long to keep seeing results. You need more IPs faster to rank for certain terms. That seems to be the Achilles heel of the BMR service.

    In all fairness, almost all the people who recommend that service here also state clearly that it won't take you to the top on its own. You're at the point where you need to expand your SEO efforts.

    Try press releases, guest posts, and social bookmarks for the SERPs that don't move. Push at least a few higher PR links to your home page too.

    That all really seems to work.
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      First you have to keep feeding the beast.

      Second BMR should be part of your strategy, not the whole strategy.

      Do this...

      Write a real press release, submit it webwire ($25 option) you get 5 anchor text links (I personally use 3 and use my URL twice) and it will get syndicated across tons of pages.

      Then do some manual blog commenting. Just buy one of the lists on here that are do follow, high PR, and go add value to those discussions.

      See if that helps.

      Nothing to see here

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    Well I have been mixing in a linkpushing service which builds a variety of links such as web2.0, social bookmarking, articles, private blog posts, etc.

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    Keep on posting links. The more links, you need to keep the link velocity high
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    Like people have stated you need to have more then just BMR. The main thing you have to always keep in mind also as someone in internet marketing is ROI (return on investment). By that I mean if getting to rank #5 takes you X amount of time but getting to number 1-3 takes you 5 times X then wouldn't the best ROI be to spend your time ranking lots of sites to #5 rather then spending so much effort trying to squeeze that last little bit. When it comes to BMR, its extremely powerful but the ROI can get very out of whack because usually 20 posts for one keyword takes you 80% of the way and the last 20% percent may need another 200-300 posts.
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    I hired an SEO guy but also do a lot myself. I know what he does and leave that to him and I fill in the rest. it is cheaper that way plus two minds are better than one! If you use BMR that is cool but you may also want to forum post on follow sites, Blog Comment, directly submission and social bookmark.

    Doing a 3 way link exchange always goes well too!
    You Are A Snowflake
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  • Yes I would suggest just keep posting. If you're even doing only 1 post per day per site, that is still 30 high PR links a month. That adds up quickly over a couple of months.
    I use BMR, and I just write a quick 5 minute post for each of my sites every single day. It works well. Just keep doing what you're doing.
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    Well yes... you do have to keep posting articles. But if you think that you have reached your goal, you may decrease the number of articles you are posting week after week....

    If you are having a difficult time writing the articles on your own though you may want to hire someone to write it for you... you can try our service if you are interested.
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    What you need to remember with a service like BMR is that your post quickly goes off the front page into no man's land, so you need to maintain what you are doing on BMR and then look at other ways to get links.
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    There is definitely something about BMR that makes it give diminishing returns after a certain point. Whether that is because the posts come from similar IPs or they're just similar backlinks (150 word blog posts with anchor text in the first paragraph) I don't know.
    "Keep moving forward."
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    I have heard somewhere that BMR is closed now. Is it true?
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      I would invest in a software like Senuke X and do the work yourself. IF you do not have that kind of time I offer a great $25 a month SEnuke X service. (link in my signature)

      Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are asking, What’s in it for me? – Brian Tracy

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    BMR is just one part of the whole equation, you need to diversify your link building campaigns using either automated programs or buying some backlink packages.
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