Is There A Keyword Tool For Facebook?

by Wes888
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Anyone know if there is an equivalent to Google's Keyword Tool for Facebook? Or are there any keyword tools that has Facebook search data? Thanks.
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    No, if exist i dont know
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    why would you need keyword tool for facebook? people don't search something on facebook (like what people do on google)

    if you go for facebook ads campaign , your tools is there already. You can target your keyword based on location, gender, likes, etc
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    People search people in Facebook not product or services. Some times they search for fan pages, but mostly for people. You can research keyword by Google tool.
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    www DOT facebook DOT com/insights/

    Try that.
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  • I too didn't get it, why would you need Keyword Tool for facebook? How will that be helpful?
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    Not sure why you feel a keyword tool would be helpful.

    Are the fans interests more important?
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    You might try searching the internet for basic numbers. I think the real demographic data is probably restricted to when you are trying to setup an ad campaign. I know Facebook will provide numbers once you start to build your campaign target list.
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      people are searching for information on facebook exactly like on Goolge (of course with way lower volume).

      For example:

      Restaurants [city]
      Nightlife [city]
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    i think , No !
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    For brand monitoring, monitoring conversations happening on FB about your brand....

    There a several such tools for Twitter but very few of FB...

    Need a FB keyword monitoring tool for this purpose!
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    I guess none! for what reason?

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    Wes888, despite my reply is quite delayed, may I propose a tool which probably does what you need, at least partially - i.e. finds facebook keywords and proposes facebook keywords ideas based on your input.

    It is actually aimed at affiliates, however it has a nice "idea keywords" feature which might be what you want.

    Here is the link (my affiliate link, though):

    You can just skip the intro video as it's a bit off-topic, however once you are inside with one-time payment you can enter up to 30 keywords and find up to 200 x 30 pages based on your keywords. Then the tool fetches posts and comments form those pages and builds fb keyword ideas based on what people are writing. The most recent information is considered more valuable, so you get kind of trendy keywords for particular facebook niches.

    Here is a screenshot of the Ideas section:

    Is that is what you were looking for?
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    You can try
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