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Do most new sites that are created get sandboxed for their keyword ?

(assuming the main keyword is in included in an exact match domain)

What percentage of sites would this sandboxing apply to ?

If the site was created using standard seo techniques (no backlinks as yet) by a successful outsourcer, why would new ones get sandboxed ?

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      Originally Posted by MikeWike View Post

      Why would you think they get sandboxed? Just build few relevant backlinks + add your site to digg/reddit and you should be fine.

      Sandbox is a myth anyway..
      .....o really?
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    Its probably just dancing, dont worry happens all the time. It will come back.
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    I think they are sandboxed because after 1 month they rank in the first page for their keyword on yahoo and bing but nowhere to be found on google.

    This is what i read to be the classic signs of being sandboxed.

    They are new sites so they have never ranked for their keywords on google yet.
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    Mine started dancing as of friday for some reason. Not sure what it was, all the new sites I have built went from page #1 to the nether realms of google, they might have did an update of some kind.

    I wouldn't think its a sandbox, probably a dance. Keep building web 2.0 backlinks, blog comments and other high quality backlinks to your website to get them back.

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    I'm trying to figure out as well how much a problem this is for new sites, like is it going to be something you are going to have to factor in a time lag for being sandboxed when building new sites if it unluckiy happens to your site....
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      i count myself fortunate as i have never experienced any sandbox events.. have registered and created 4 sites now....... not a single sandbox issue.. all go top not ranked in google to 1st-3rd pages........

      one thing to note is that i have never done any paid backlink/seo or anything of backlinking for that matter.. so i believe the google dance or sandbox really does exist for sites which are blasted with links
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