WTF my adsense revenue changed within stats post clicks

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Ever been on one of those moods where you been adsense refresh happy hoping when you hit the refresh button in your stats more revenue will

Well today I checked my stats. Then I closed the browser and opened
a new one and happen to check my adsense stats like 10 secs later.

My revenue had dropped. It dropped by .56c

no biggy

but how can that be when the clicks had already initiated

Can Google manipulate the cpc payout post click?

How often does this happen?

Has this happen to anyone else?

I wish I had taken a screenshot.

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    It could be of invalid clicks.

    For example a visitor clicks on one ad on your site then presses the back button and then clicks on another ad. Google will see its from the same ip address so they deduct the earnings from the second click.

    Not official but could be the case.
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    Adsense earnings are not final until the day is over (stats can change throughout the day). This is perfectly normal.
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    I also have experienced few times that my Adsense earning suddenly dropped without any kind of reason. But anyway, I'm already gone dealing with them and focused more on affiliate marketing.
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