239 unique visitors and not 1 click, how come??

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My website is still new but I have had 239 unique visitors till now and not 1 click on my adsense ads?? what could be the problem? I tested different ad placements (large rectangle on the right, then skyscraper on the right and a banner in the middle) but still nothing happened, what could be the problem??

PS there are no visitors from the US

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    What is your bonus rate?
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      Originally Posted by reyhan View Post

      What is your bonus rate?
      Lost in translation...

      You need to be patient, pump up your targeted visitors and ads.

      Put the ads in your face for visitors.

      Also, you should test things for at least 2 weeks.
      Playing around with ad sizes, colors, placements
      can be unsettling. If you think something looks good,
      leave it for a while.

      You might wish to not block and ads, and switch to
      image and text.

      Ant Marshall, your stats are sad but true. Most people
      lack patience and a real-world outlook on adsense
      and earnings. Some days you win, some days you lose.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Hey there,

    I have a website in health niche that gets 400 unique visitors / day and I tested adsense for it just to see how it goes. In short, there were many days I didn't get even 1 click. If you are using WP based site, try to get your hands on a theme with high CTR.

    Visitors not being from the USA will not change your CTR, but it may lower your income (lower CPC in some niches).

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    Dude that's normal.

    In the last day on one of my sites I've have 1200 visits and 1 click through.

    Just keep getting traffic to your sites.

    If you haven't made money online yet then just send me a PM and let's see what we can do together.

    Did my post help? Click thanks! ->

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    • I have the impression that many of those visitors are perhaps bots...

      A click-through rate over 1% is already good in my impression, but often is below 1%. It also depends on the real "value" of the page in terms of reader's experience (are there videos, interesting info, etc...)?
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        my average ctr is .5%......
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    What is the topic of your site? If it is non buying related 1-2% is good. Having an add above the fold above your content is also a good idea.
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    Target long tail keywords so people who click through to your site are in buying mode. They are then more likely to click an ad.
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    It's tough to get clicks with adsense. People have become so used to seeing the ads that they have become blinded to them. Try different configurations of the ads or different backgrounds.
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    You may not have any targeted visitors looking for anything that your ads are displaying.
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    It is not easy to get a click even if you have a lot of visitors..
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    You should try to make a test. Put adds on one location and let em stay there for 4-5 days. Then change the position or change a type of add.

    Place adds in content, not above. Place adds so people can see them, don`t hide them.

    That`s the most common issue when talking about CTR.
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    It's quite normal for a website to have few clicks than impressions or number of visits. You will experience a few clicks on your ads when it is placed on the sidebar, footer or on the leaderboard. It will convert very well once it is within the content.
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    Adsense ads have ctr of around 0.5%. So the ads to capture the attention is better to have it at the top left.
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    Remember the human mind can never totally be calculated.

    You could get a million visits tomorrow but zero clicks - how come? Because they just
    didn't want to.

    Your mission is to figure out why - placements, size, colours, content ect.

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    Your site may be showing irrelevant ads. Use

    Google Adsense Sandbox Preview Tool with Text, Image and Video Ads - Leaderboard, Skyscraper, Rectangle and Square formats

    to see what ads are being shown on the site. Remove irrelevant ads from your Adsense account pannel.

    It may be that your site doesn't target buyer type traffic. If you are running an entertainment site, don't expect high CTRs. My entertainment sites run about 0.5-1% CTR. My buyer type sites average 15-20% CTR.
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