How i can increase my adsence amount.

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hello , i have an website but i have earn few money from adsence ..please give me some suggestion .
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    Is it lack of traffic or lack of clicks? Figure that out, and then figure out how to fix it. First you need to identify the problem before you can come to a solution.
    I run a Reputation and Brand Management Agency out of Baltimore, Maryland.
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    Consider experimenting with different ad placements, ad colors, and ad sizes. If you are getting lots of irrelevant ads, remove them using your Adsense account block URL function. You can use the following site to see what ads show up on your site:
    Google Adsense Sandbox Preview Tool with Text, Image and Video Ads - Leaderboard, Skyscraper, Rectangle and Square formats

    Also, consider using Adsense targeting to help improve ad relevancy.
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    1. traffic amount- you will earn less with 1000 visits a month than with 100,000.
    2. niche you are in, if its a low paying niche like sports then you will need more clicks
    3. were are you rankings? if you are on page 2 you probably wont see any clicks
    4. ad placement.

    the first two are probably the most important
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    Adsense pay for my website is also very low
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    You need more traffic, this will give you more clicks automatically.
    Ouya Forums
    Klick the link to visit a forum about the new gaming console called ouya!
    Hacker Forum
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      Originally Posted by Lugano View Post

      You need more traffic, this will give you more clicks automatically.
      If this were true, I'd be rich.

      Because I get a lot of traffic, and it
      hardly nets me much in the way of AdSense cash.

      Here's the good news:

      My #1 secret to boosting my AdSense amounts is to
      get more visitors to opt into my email list and
      cordially invite them to see my site's blog posts...

      ... What I do is write a one- or two-sentence followup email
      for every single blog post on my site.

      I send these email followups day after day... I find the
      best time is between the hours of 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. -
      Monday thru Thursday (I skip Fridays and Sundays because they're the
      worst days of the week for response).

      For example, if you have 107 total blog posts on your site,
      each new subscriber is going to get 107 daily emails
      almost daily about each blog post.
      (It doesn't matter how old the blog posts are either.)

      And the moment I publish a new blog post,
      I create another quick followup email and
      add it to my list.

      Even better, I use AWeber as my email sender and
      it costs me the same whether I send the same subscriber
      5 emails a month or 5,000. So this strategy
      won't cost me (or you) a single extra penny.

      And no... not many people unsubscribe...

      ... In fact, ever since switching to this model,
      I'm getting a lot of my subscribers inspired to
      pass my emails to their friends and colleagues.

      Doing this is my absolute best way to
      boost my AdSense earnings.

      No other AdSense method I've tested works better. None.

      Now here's the tougher part... getting more optins.

      Obviously, the size of your AdSense earnings are
      directly proportional to the size of your email list.

      The secret to get more optins is to giveaway a valuable bonus.
      You can either create your own bonus (which is hard,
      takes a L O N G time and takes away time from doing the
      things I'd rather do)...

      ... Or you can read a tutorial by Doberman Dan Gallapoo
      (Gary Halbert's protege') on how to
      get someone else to write a valuable bonus giveaway for you
      (personalized with your name on it) 100% FREE.

      (I'd post a link to it, but don't have enough posts here.)
      So here's a backdoor way to get Doberman Dan's tutorial -

      Google this:

      doberman dan get more subscribers

      Do these simple things and watch your
      AdSense earning soar! (I'm not kidding.)

      By the way, can someone with enough posts
      reply with a link to Doberman Dan's tutorial, please?
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        Target long tails for a higher chance or clicks
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    Make sure you are using a adsense optimized theme such as ctr theme, prosense, or clickbump and target buying keywords, that makes a huge difference in ctr.
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    optimise you site and make sure to put the ads in the right places
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    if adsense is on the sites in your signature file:
    new telugu movies
    Hindi Movie

    I have just checked the adverts that are being displayed by
    Adsense for these and you will note that they are for things such
    as web design and sim phones.

    Someone looking at your site which is a movie site, will not be
    very likely to click on these ads.

    You need to try and make the Google ads more relevant to your site.

    Also if you can have the Google ads nearer the top of the page.

    Hope this helps
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    Here's what you do.

    Go look at Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

    Sign in or create an account.

    Type in your current keywords.

    Browse the keyword ideas Google gives you.

    Look for higher Cost Per Click (CPC) keywords.

    You will roughly get 1/4th of whatever the CPC is so if you choose a keyword with a $1 CPC then you'll ROUGHLY get .25c per click. There you go, it's really as simple as that.
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    First you need to worry about increasing the traffic to your website. It seems like just a few people visit your site daily (just a rough idea from alexa rank). Then you can also try by putting square ad banners on your site.
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    You need to build more links through various sources like social bookmarks, article directories, press releases, guest blog posting, etc. The more organic traffic you have, the better chance you have more clicks to your Google ads.
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