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There are hundreds of sites that allow you to write articles on them, with their classification all being web 2.0 sites. The important thing to remember is that all sites are not equal. You want a site that allows dofollow links so that the link juice passes from one site to another, here are a list of sites that as of the time of writing this article are dofollow:


Be sure to always use unique, high quality content in your link wheels, otherwise you run the risk of having the articles deleted by moderators.
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    someone gotta make a super list of these one of these days

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    I tried to write articles on livejournal.com, but it seems that the links in my articles are nofollow. What is the problem?
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    LiveJournal using a filtering protocol, to determine the target of the link in futile attempt to keep from being a site that everyone puts up varying quality content only for the links, because they still insist on being a personal journal site. If however you linked to facebook(i.e... a fan page) your link would be live, LiveJournal should only be used as a secondary platform if your going to the effort of building link wheels
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    Originally Posted by RobertBe View Post

    Thanks for the useful list!
    please do press the thanks button
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    great list - thx

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      Nice information shared by you. thanks .. keep it up.. waiting for more updates.
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      Originally Posted by aidanmacleod View Post

      Thank you for this list, been using most of it.
      Hey! I just started posting on these blog 2.0 sites. If you have been using them for a while which sites are more effective? I have posted like 50 articles each on hubpages and wordpress.com. Wordpress didn't give as much serp increase as hubpages. Which ones are more effective in raising serps?
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    I've been looking for a list like this! Wonderful timing......
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    How about tumblr.com mate?
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    This is a nice list about Web 2.0 sites for link wheel purpose. It will help us to build more backlinks and gain traffic to our websites.

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    great list that is really good list i m going to use it.
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    VOX and Blogsome are not up anymore.

    Tumblr is down

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      Originally Posted by eva dora View Post

      VOX and Blogsome are not up anymore.

      Tumblr is down
      @eva dora

      exactly, but today hubpages is giving wonderful result.
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    Squidoo.com is my favorite. But it does not work well now.
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    I have read lots of posts where people are recommending using web 2.0 sites as buffers to their money site but many of these web 2.0 sites are no follow so is that not a total waste of time. Build hundreds of backlinks to the buffer site and your money site gets nothing as the buffer is no follow?

    Or am i missing something here?
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    Nice list, but some of them doesn't work anymore. Thanks anyway.
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    These lists people post can be dangerous. Take squidoo for example. i have been looking at this today. Firstly, it is not 'do follow' by default. From what I can work out, you have to have at least 4 modules before links become do follow. I then read some more posts suggesting that even with 4 modules, it is still not becoming follow and people suggested embedding links in the text module.

    Having done all of this and thought it was publised and running as follow, i noticed under the dashboard it is marked as WIP - work in progress. This means Squidoo is hiding it from search spiders and it will not be found. How do you go from WIP to live? You can't control this, Squidoo FAQ just says you need to do more work, add more content and then it may become live.

    So many people seem to be building these web 2.0 buffer pages / link wheels and are totally wasting their time as many are clearly no actually going as 'do follow'

    Hib pages is another example. If your user profile is not 75+, your links are disabled. I have see loads of poeple who think they are being smart with these web 2.0 sites as buffers and link wheels and in actual fact, they are totally wasting their time with them.
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    I have had great luck with Squidoo. As always, you should always check out a source before assuming that things are just going to work for you. But the results I have achieved there have made it well worth the effort involved for me.
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    Thanks for the list. I plan on trying out some buffering.

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    thanks for the lists bro
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    Great list thanks for share its will very helpful for get the high rank
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    Great list. Thanks for sharing
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    But some websites are no-follow
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      Originally Posted by bryanbian View Post

      But some websites are no-follow
      It's fine to add nofollow to the mix, as having all dofollow looks unnatural.

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        I thought VOX.com was dead.
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    I'm unclear as to how wordpress is used for content submission. Do you create a separate wordpress blog for each niche/domain you are linkbuilding for, and if so, do you use the same keyword title as your niche/domain?
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    You did a great job.
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    I have tried but it seems that half of these websites are nofollow.
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    Thanks for the list. Some of them are nofollow.
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    doesn't matter if you have no follow sites. As long as you know how to manage your link wheel
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    Thanks for sharing a list
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    You provide such a nice list. Thanks for this.
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    Thanks for the great list man. Will use that in future
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    Great list, is link wheel is still effective?
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      Originally Posted by tenantscreening View Post

      Great list, is link wheel is still effective?
      linkwheels are effective in a sense that they can be used to strengthen you backlinks. Basically these are backlinks for your backlinks - so it has some worth.

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