Got Google sitelinks, but they're very random?

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I noticed that one of my best sites now has acquired Google sitelinks for its main terms. Hooray, right?

The issue is that it gave me what seem to be almost completely arbitrary links, although it's possible that the links it gave me are the most clicked for visitors that land on the site. If anything, that's my guess, but I don't use any kind of Google product on this site for them to track this. Unless they're going strictly by Chrome metrics. :confused:

Is there anything I can do to change this? I almost feel like the sitelinks I was given detract from the site's SERPS listing more than helps.
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    Google Sitelinks are based on on-page links & the authority those on-page links have.

    If your seeing Google Sitelinks that include pages like "Privacy Policy", etc... that's because it's a sitewide link (header/footer link). Those types of links can be avoided by adding a NOINDEX tag to the problem links page ("Privacy Policy" page, etc...).

    Make sure you know what your doing before using the NOINDEX tag, that tag will remove your webpage from the SERPs, which is ok for pages like a "Privacy Policy" page.
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    Nah, they're not pages I would like to have noindexed. They're important pages of the site, but only one of them is something I'd like in a sitelink.

    I guess sort "meh" sitelinks are better than none at all, but I don't think I could change it without trying to manipulate them on purpose.
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      I think you can block any unwanted sitelinks on webmaster tools


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