The Google Keyword Tool - Figuring Out How Much You Will Get Per Click

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Hey guys!

I got a few keyphrases that I think are pretty good in terms of difficulty getting a page to rank high in the search engines.
I got those keyphrases using Traffic Travis, a piece of software that I will stick to using for now.

However, although Traffic Travis is good for finding keywords and analyzing the competition for said keywords, it does not tell me how much each click will pay me. So I thought, I will just use the Google Traffic Estimator (a lot of people still seem to refer to it as the Google Keyword Tool, even though that is something slightly different that you can find on the same page) for this one function then.

My question is: When I put in a keyphrase into the Google Traffic Estimator, is CPC the column that I should be looking at?
Also, if it is, will Google take a cut of the CPC?

For clarification: I am not looking to buy ads. I am looking to earn money by displaying adsense next to my content.


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    I believe you get 60% of the click and Google gets 40%.
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    You can never know exactly how much Google will pay you per click. It varies depending on a lot of factors that I won't go into here.

    But yes, Google takes a cut, and they don't tell us how much of a cut! Gotta love Google!

    So if you use the Google KW tool, you can use the CPC as a way to compare KW to choose the most lucrative ones - but you won't be getting that amount, that's what the advertiser pays, so Google definitely takes it's cut.

    Here's another warrior discussion on this topic:
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    Thanks to both of you.

    I will take a look at that thread, WebMarketingDiva.
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      It based on many factors but you can realistically expect to get about 20~25% of CPC.
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    The CPC can be all over the place. I have had the same ad space on one site get. 5 cents per click and sometimes $1.20. Some of the factors include what someone has bid for the ad space, how high your site ranks (a top-ranked site will get the most high-dollar clicks, as the advertisers are willing to spend a lot to get decent pageviews), etc.
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    I read somewhere by someone who had a lot of research and inside knowledge that:
    * the stated CPC is for SEARCH ads, not content network ads
    * Google pays roughly 70% of the click price
    * CPC is roughly 70% as much on the content network as on SEARCH

    Doing the math comes out to around 50% of the stated CPC.

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    The real answer is that there are many factors that are relevant to how much you are paid per click. In large part, it will depend on the copy of the ad and how many click throughs it is getting. Also, it depends on how much traffic your site is getting. The important thing is that Google will take a percentage (normally between 35-50%) but you will earn on that ad depending on what the person bid for it. Hope this helps!
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