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I've just been reading that "google search" dropped chome in search results because it paid for sponsored links to advertise the new browser.

I didn't know that sponsored links were disallowed.

if you wanted to follow googles rules exactly -- how can you build backlinks?

Your not supposed to just buy backlinks..

So can you buy article submissions - directory submissions?

And if you don't buy them -- are you allowed to do them yourself?

To follow the rules -- should you not try to get any new links yourself - except by people making them. Then how does your site ever get listed on google?!?

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    If you want to follow them "exactly" then you can't do any external link-building unless it's connected to quality material written by you.

    Any artificial link building through whatever medium is considered bad.

    Of course Google has made a rod for it's own back in giving significant weight to inbound links, what would it expect people to do?

    To clarify, your content should be good enough that people link in to you naturally.
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    #1 rule: Unique and quality content. You know Content is King.

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    More than likely Google will find ways around "cheap SEO", so backlink at your own peril. Their "guidelines" are as nebulous as can be regarding SEO.


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    Follow what Google says on their blog, this is what many of us have been doing for years. The problem with backlinks is many marketers have ruined newbies into thinking that backlinks are from mass submitting junk to spam sites.

    Nothing wrong in building backlinks but there is a proper way to do it, Google's own blog will tell you how.
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    From the horse's mouth:

    Webmaster Guidelines - Webmaster Tools Help

    You will read that linking to bad neighborhoods will eventually have bad effects for your site.
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    thank you for the replies!!!

    Does anyone else have an opinion??

    Many thanks!
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