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I admit right off the bat, I never dabbled in PPC. I grabbed a WSO yesterday that was a nice simple way to get into the PPC world without much time or investment. The WSO concept is sound.

With that said, what does it take to get an ad approved on adbrite?

My campaigns dissappeared with no explanation (yet) and apparently that means they have been denied as per the FAQ.

My ads were safe, made claims the sales page made, didn't use brand names, and were spelled and grammatically correct.

2 questions...

Anyone have any idea why this happened?

Any other solid PPC WSO's out there?
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    I had the same thing happen just now when I set up my first campaign on adbrite. I'd like to know as well why my campaign disappeared.

    Where did you read that your just campaigns disappear when they get rejected? I've been reading the FAQs myself, and they say that you should receive an email if your campaign is rejected. I've done a fair amount of PPC on other ad networks, and that's usually what happens. Even then, I've never had a campaign just disappear on me. I suspect something else may have happened.
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      Yeah I had one rejected a few weeks ago. They are pretty selective. It didn't disapear though. That is weird.

      I invite you to check out my link below. feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

      A new PPC Ad Network http://www.adnection.com

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