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I was wondering what people believe is the best private blog network, I have used ELN (Elite Link Network) and also Mass Article Radiation. With regards to ELN It is a good service however your links are not on the homepages where the actual PR is for very long I would say maximum of 12 hours so although you see increases in SERP's you need to be continually adding links for those search terms and if you are wanting to rank for multiple sites and search terms this isnt really viable.

I was wondering what people on Warrior Forum believe to be the best private blog network, If possible I would like this thread not to turn into a competition between certain individuals from what I have read on previous threads haha .
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    The best private blog network, for backlinks to your own site, is any private blog network you yourself own. Otherwise the realities are that one way or another, its value to you is always going to be limited, temporary and entirely outside your control.
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      Yeah I guess this is true, but its very expensive to set up your own network of blogs that have a high PR which is why these type of subscriptions can be good as although you are paying a relative price per month it isnt as expensive as what it would be if you created your own Network of blogs.
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    I agree it's pretty hard to setup your own network of blogs, you can team up with people but you would need your own set of blogs to participate and it's expensive to setup initially.
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      Originally Posted by K1 View Post

      it's expensive to setup initially.
      It's time-consuming, more than expensive: you can do it on free hosting, and in such a way that the sites are "context-relevant" to your own, which can greatly increase the linkjuice value of the backlinks.
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    Not sure what your goals are, but, Build my Rank (BMR) is good for the price and some people have had success with the Authority Link Network (ALN). You might be better off using a VA and getting them to find links from websites in your niche using Google Alerts or even dropmylink.com. Links from articles you have written and submitted to ezinearticles.com is good too.
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    I've just starting using high PR society and I already have 2 online degree kw's that are on the 1st page, not #1 yet, but the sites are about a month old and that has been the only linking that I have done so far on them. They offer a variety of links that you can drip feed out and it's pretty affordable.

    They have a WSO here where you can get a bonus

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    If it were "private" i wouldn't know about it..so the question is a paradox

    Edit: I know what you mean...thinking about it. Eg. "not user contributed blogs" --> private?
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    I have just joined dynamiteblogsnetwork its cheap only $15 and seems good network
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    I'll give you a hint- the best networks doesn't have a name, doesn't have a site for selling services and doesn't have thousands of customers. They will only serve offline clients and a little amount of IM'ers from forums like that. search the wso's.
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      I've had pretty good success using ALN (authority link network) and I would also recommend BMR if i could only recommend 2. However, i've heard good things about AMA and and Article Ranks . Realistically though, the best way to do it is to build your own private network but don't expect this to happen quickly or without a lot of money
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        Actually I think George has a point._ I don't know why these are called Private networks when they are the most publicly known networks possible. As such they all have a Google Bullseye on their back

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    It appears that Elite Link Network has shut down.

    Based on my experience, Build My Rank is one of the best private networks.

    Super Fast Link Building is also quite good. It differs from BMR in that you don't have to generate articles (they do it for you), yet they do cost more. What is important is to choose a stable network or else you risk the consequences of going with one that may shut down (as in ELN)!

    Good luck (actually good effort matters).

    cheers, Patrick
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  • I use BMR. I have had amazing results with them up until now and recommend them to anyone.
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