Is a dashed domain name worth it? Experienced SEO'ers?

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For local SEO? My plan is to create a niche website using a commonly searched local keyword, then sell it to a local business.

But the keyword I am targetting already has the exact match keyword ranked number 1. Would it be worth creating the same domain name, with a dash between words? The ranking page has no backlinks or anything, so that is not the issue, simply the naming.

For example, the taken domain is exampleexampledotcom, would it be worth buying example-exampledotcom for SEO boost? Or would it make more sense to go for something like bestexampleexampledotcom?

Would appreciate opinions from authorities on SEO
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    Go for whichever one looks more professional, particularly if you intend to sell to a local business.

    The difference between an EMD, a hyphened EMD, and an EMD with an added word is pretty slim. You say that the ranking page has no backlinks, so you should be able to beat it even with!

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    You can use 1 or 2 dashes which should be fine. Just don't over do it....looks spammy. Remember you want something short and easy to remember.

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    Thanks Will,

    Yeah, it's interesting, even in my small town (150k), this particular keyword is already purchased for the most searched keyword for the town in the entire niche (electricians in our town).

    Admittedly, the traffic is pretty slim, the keyword has 48 phrase searches a week, but of course that's 48 leads per week for the number 1 ranked site. Thoughts on these numbers?
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      Originally Posted by payoman View Post

      Admittedly, the traffic is pretty slim, the keyword has 48 phrase searches a week, but of course that's 48 leads per week for the number 1 ranked site. Thoughts on these numbers?
      I don't know where you got this search value from, but I would assume the value to be anywhere between 0-100 searches a week. And frankly, I'd make a guess that the site ranking number 1 for this keyword will see a very very small number of visitors (<10) per week, unless you are ranking well for a whole load of related longtail keywords as well.

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    I just realised I made this thread because market samurai somehow showed me the exact match domain above other sites that had many more backlinks?? This didn't show up in an actual google search, perhaps it was a bug?
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    Matt Cutts said last year they are dialing it down. A dash does not hurt nor help in either way.
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    exact match domains get the most initial ranking power if they use .com's

    The domain name doesn't really matter, you can still rank it. It helps a tiny bit though, it's just a smaaaaaaaaaall part of the whole SEO game.
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    Instead of a dashed domain why not add a additional alphabet to the domain and try to purchase it.

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    Dashes are fine Google search engine reads a Dash as a space. The problem is your competition if you have a site thats page one #1 with those exact match keyword domain and its got a pr over 2 and over a few hundred backlinks then it should be easily possibly but if its above that its going to require work.

    Just use google keywords tool n find the Exact matches and you know what your working with. But for me always has to have over 5,000 Exacts for me to show interest.
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    In my opinion instead of going for I would go with a word before or after your keyword in your domain name such as or I think it is better for SEO this way and it looks a lot more professional. Hope this help!
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    Hyphenated domain names are always good.. Hyphens works as keyword separators and your website may get ranked for all the keywords in the domain.

    If the website is being developed for earning money strictly, its good to have keywords in domain.

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