What's Most Important? PR/domain age? or Exact Phrase Match domain name?

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Hi there,

I recently purchased several pretty generic sounding domain names with a domain age of at least 3 years old and page rank of 1s and 2s. I want to make them into adsense sites with quality content, targeting 3 longtail keywords, but all of the information I've found on adsense suggests using exact match domain names?

Which do you think is most important in establishing a respectable ranking on google? PR/domain age? or exact match domain names?

Your input is highly valued. Thanks.
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    EMDs are overrated in my opinion. If I come across a decent keyword and it has an EMD - well that's great. If it doesn't? I wouldn't throw away the keyword - I'd simply add hyphens, or a prefix or suffix.

    If you want to keep the PR of the sites, make sure you replicate the old link structure of the site!

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    Definitely all 3 will help - An EMD will give you a boost but content and good SEO will always out in the end. Just make sure each of your pages are targeted to 1 specific keyword.
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      Thanks guys. I guess the only way to know for sure is to test. I'll create two sites; one on one of the aged domains and one on an exact match domain and see.
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