need suggestion which one you all prefer

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articlemarketingrobot OR articledemon

Pls give me some suggestion.
If there other software pls suggest too.

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  • anyone pls help
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      There is more than one thread discussing this, if you just used the search function.

      My vote goes to AMR. And if you search you'll find that it pretty much is the consensus. While every now and then AMR has some bugs, the new version is quite robust. Especially if you use it properly. Like, don't blast your site all at once with 4000 links

      I have said this before...I use AMR for two things. Blasting the crap out of Tier 1/2 links, and setting a drip feed to my money page using LSI and "click here, visit this site" etc keywords. It works to diversify your anchor text quite nicely.
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