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I want to know why my contact page that has no content except for the form is ranked higher than my homepage for my main keywords. I find that surprising. Mind you, I only have backlinks to the homepage along. What could be the problem?
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    How old is the website? Sometimes brand new websites get all mixed up in the SERP's before google organises them better.
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    That is funny.

    I wouldn't worry about it, though. I've seen lots of strange things like that with my site when it was fairly new. It works out correctly eventually.
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    That sounds really weird to me. However things will settle down as time passes and you will get it right when google updates it. You can use this PR by linking with other sites till then and get your site's ranking improved.
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    Check your on page factors. Perhaps you putting a lot on the meta in your contact page than your homepage.
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    If both the home page and contact page has the same meta details this problem occurs. Change the title, description of the contact page to avoid this problem.
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    My website is barely a week old.
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        There is no need to worry. It happens in the beginning. Just recheck the onpage optimization and make some changes if it is really required. You can wait for some days and see if the ranking changes again.
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