Imporatance of INDEX Count In Rankings

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hey warriors i am asking this question because it's creating a doubt in my mind.

is it possible for me to be able to take out the #1 spot because the 1st result has got 60 pages indexed within google and my site has only got 10 pages indexed.

with good backlinks can i take the #1 spot. please note it's a product name keyword not a generic keyword - revitol scar cream

i am only building links to my money page(home page)not the inner pages. is that all right. because i only want that money page to get ranked not the other one's.

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    Like all questions like this, nobody can answer the question.

    We know nothing about you, your history, your ability, your
    on and off page SEO, your talent, your competition's talent,
    authority, google love, history, etc. Nothing.

    The number of pages indexed has little to do with ranking one
    specific page. But, the more pages indexed, the more
    authoritative google thinks you are. This can overtake
    a lot of stuff. Like wikipedia. They have tons of stuff
    indexed and are looked upon as an authority. But each page
    could be quite weak when compared to some other page's SEO.
    Still, wikipedia outranks frequently.

    If people knew this, or actually cared, they may be writing
    more and more content for one site, rather than
    have 100 different sites.

    But all things are not equal, so the first comment still stands.
    Nobody can answer this question.

    Oh sure, someone will give some laundry list about backlinks,
    social, etc., but those lists are just mindless posts. They
    have nothing to do with your question.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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