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Should i submit my site to the search engines manually or allow it to be indexed naturally?
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    I usually prefer to get indexed naturally but I submit site map manually.

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    I'd wait for it to be picked up naturally. If you've already got a few good backlinks it should be picked up within a week.
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    From what I can gather - submitting your own URL really doesn't speed anything up with the search engines! Get your sitemap submitted and keep it updated, and also modify your robots.txt so that all the search engines can find it easily, then submit to directories ( is a great free tool for that) - then start building those links!
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    I advise you write an article and submit it to ezine articles. Your site should be indexed within hours once your article is approved. That is the route I normally take to get a new site indexed and get some traffic to an old site.
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    I don't submit to SE but rather submitting sitemaps ensure that bot can have all your links at a time and can crawl according to the links.
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    Set up Google Webmaster Tools, so you can see whether they've started to index you yet. Submit an XML sitemap to them. Set up some digg/stumbleupon/etc. links in to the site.

    I can usually get a site up in Google in less than a day when launching, for exact match keywords, etc. But it takes some elbow grease farming quality links.

    If you're planning to launch a site a few weeks from now, go ahead and put an intro page up with a bit of your target keywords in it, and set up a link or two. Helps get Google warmed up to your domain if it's completely new.

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      Originally Posted by gcrocker View Post

      Set up Google Webmaster Tools, so you can see whether they've started to index you yet. Submit an XML sitemap
      Right - GCrocker has the best method so far IMHO. All the other methods will work but the Webmaster Tools account can become a pristine community of all white hat sites actively maintained by an engaged webmaster... just the sort of thing Google wants. I think Google favors a site immediately when it is added to a known good WebMaster Tools account.
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    Hi, I agree, I submit my sitemap to google and digg a few pages, that gets me indexed fairly quickly; for google anyway, not sure how yahoo and msn index yet.
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    Submit a sitemap and bookmarking can get you quick indexing.

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    I would prefered natural indexed, while submitting sitemap. But if want to be fast indexed(no guarantee, but many agreed), try getting link from a high PR website, it sure will help on indexed, and if lucky, the website which have a lot of traffic, you might get some from it too.
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    Place links pointing to your site from just about anywhere that gets traffic like forums, article submissions, craigslist, blogs with high traffic, there is not real need do do submissions to google except for could indexed as quick as 24 hours to 72 hours depending how often the other site gets crawled.
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      I tried to link using the google add URL function (I can't listed the hyperlink here cos I am new in this forum) for the submission, does this helps in the Search Engine Submission.

      Some of the websites I tried did help to rank on top, I also understand that domain names play a part. Good domain names can help you in
      the keyword ranking.
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    Naturally is the way to go. I usually can get my websites into search engines within 24 hours.

    Trick is to submit your pages to as many social networking sites as possible. Twitter, stumbleupon, facebook, propeller, technorati and so on.
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