How do I set up a domain for ALN?

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Hey Guys,

I'm wondering if you can share with me how exactly ALN works. Do I buy a domain, host it, set it up w/ wordpress and then give them the login info?

If this is how it works, is there any risk involved with hosting an ALN site on the same hosting plan as my money site?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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    if you use the paid options you get for the cheapest one 1 submissionpoint per day
    with one 1 point you can subbmit one article per day and that will be subbmited to 15 blogs

    you need a domain with a page rank value of 1 or more
    with pagerank 1 you get 0,5 points per day
    2 is 1 point per day
    and a page rank of 3 you get 1.5 points

    - Add a PR 1 sites: Your submission limit will be increased by 0.5 points.
    - Add a PR 2 sites: Your submission limit will be increased by 1 points.
    - Add a PR 3 sites: Your submission limit will be increased by 1.5 points.
    - Add a PR 4 sites: Your submission limit will be increased by 3 points.
    - Add a PR >5 sites: Your submission limit will be increased by 6 points.
    every unused point will be saved so you dont loose any points

    if you have a wordpress blog with pagerank of 1 or more you have to create a user and send aln the data
    dont use your money sites because the sites that you subbmit will get spun articles

    this is from aln
    nstruction for adding new blog (click to reveal) Your site needs to meet the following criteria in order to be accepted into the ALN network:

    1. Site is a self-hosted WordPress blogs (WordPress 2.6.x and later).
    2. Default Wordpress "Hello World" post is removed.
    3. Default Wordpress "Blog Roll" is removed.
    4. Set your blog to have a minimum of 10 post being displayed on the homepage.
    5. XML-RPC is enabled.
    6. No subdomain and subdirectory allowed.
    7. Don't use standard wordpress theme.
    8. Add more categories, don't just use "uncategorized" category.
    If your blog runs WordPress 2.6 or later, you must explicitly enable the XML-RPC remote publishing interface, otherwise ALN won't be able to publish to your site. Log in to your blog with the admin account, and go to Settings, and then Writing. Check the box next to "XML-RPC" on the Writing options page, and save the settings.
    1. Log into your Site and create a new user with the role of "Author".
    2. Don't use ALN or AuthorityLinkNetwork as the username, use general names like Sally, Carol, Sue, Sarah, etc.
    3. Enter a Site Title for your site to help you identify it in the site listings.
    4. Enter the URL for your Site (
    5. Enter the login or username of the user you created in Step 1.
    6. Enter the password of the user you created in Step 1.
    7. NOTE: Member's have had problems with adding sites hosted by GoDaddy and DreamHost (they don't support XML-RPC).
    Other Site Requirements:
    * It must be operational and must remain operational (sites that are down for three days in a row are removed from the network).
    * It must not unnecessarily slow down the ALN publishing process.
    * Hyperlinks in articles must not be modified, stripped out, or nofollowed in any way or under any circumstances (we do periodic random checks, and doing this will result in an immediate life-time ban from the ALN site and network - no sorries, no notice, and no negotiations).

    Please allow up to 48 hours for your site to get approved!
    Note: your site status will be 'Pending' and PR0 before it's approved.
    - We do not accept subdomains and PR 0 domains.
    - All tld except .com .net .org .info .co .ca .me .us .biz .ws and .tv will only get half of the submission point.
    - Please DO NOT submit your money site, because the blog that is submitted will be used to publish articles.
    - Make sure your PageRank is NOT fake before buying the domains and adding it into the system.
    - You can check for a fake PageRank using this Fake PageRank Checker.

    You can buy high PR domains from:
    - Digital Point Forum
    - Domain Samurai + Domain Face
    - DropDay.Com
    - FreshDrop.Net
    - ExpiredDomains.Net
    well i am unsure about the risk
    I have setup a privacy page and dont have any adds on the aln blogs

    if you need more help you can send me a pm
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      Hey thanks for your help! I got your PM but I can't write back b/c I do not have 50 posts in the forum! But thanks for the help w/ aln.

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    I have sites in ALN and would never host them on my primary hosting account. It's just paranoia on my part, but I would fork out the $4 a month to keep any ALN domains separate.
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