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I want to establish a website for French speaking customers and host it at a company based in the UK or US. Hosting in the US is generally cheaper than in the UK but it is farther away from Europe and the connection might not be as fast. Hosting the site in France would doubtlessly be the best for SEO, but this is not an option for due to various reasons.

Does it make a difference if I host the site in the UK or the US from an SEO point of view?

Thanks for any input.
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    Not much, I will host it in uk, and define the country you want to target in the website webmaster tools, go to Site Configuration->Settings->Geographic target-> and choose france.

    Good Luck
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    I host ALL of my domains in the US, mainly due to their much cheaper prices and better customer support. Truth is 90% of UK hosts are garbage, take 1&1 for example - they're a US company but trade in the UK also.

    Anyway, get yourself a .fr domain and host it in the US. 99% of the time you do not have to mess around with targeting a geographic area in Webmaster Tools, or at least that's the case if your domain is a TLD that is country specific i.e., .de, .fr etc.
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    Thanks for your opinions, kodshi & MaverickUK.

    I believe to have found a good host in the UK and would be willing to pay the higher fee compared to the United States IF I gain any benefit from it SEO-wise. I will do country-targeting through google anyways but am still wondering if there is any advantage for me when hosting in the UK?
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    Email me. I am have reseller account hosting in uk. Can make account for you for cheap price?
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