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does links that comes our from a facebook pages with many links got more juice in term of seo? does faceboook likes worth to the price or only maybe i should buy likes only when im branding facebook page?
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    Links from social medias like FB, Twitter etc doesn't flow linkjuice but have positive effect on ranking. It is known as Social Media Optimization(SMO). A few days back i ranked one of my niche blog deranking 2 EMDs with only some G +1 and Facebook like.
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    Probably but not in terms of SERPs ranking boost up, rather it drives visitors and get you references. Recently like on one my clients also increased as we worked for and one of the site's pages came back to SERPs from vanishing for a month but I don't think its the social media effect, it's probably the content based link building that we did for them, may be visitors that the is getting after social media marketing that is around 6000 visits monthly now with more than a thousand unique visits. Now SERP ranking depends on quality and popularity along with relevancy of the site and there social media has just one part.
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    SMO used to advertise our website from this we can gain targeted traffic.
    One of my client website is filmsurabi(.)com this is new website, when i searched the website using this filmsurabi keyword facebook fan page dispalys in the first page and in first position but the website displays in 9th position I think this will happen due to facebook likes. so social media is also one of the method for our website promotion
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    google plus ones and facebook likes help out in SMO
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    Yes it does, google looks at tweets and uses the links page title as the anchor. We've tested it and tweets and likes can move you up fast but, it evaporates quickly. Backlinks are a more efficient use of time. One way to easily manage the social marketing is to have your blog auto-post to twitter and FB.
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    yea google plus +1 and facebook can help you in ranking
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      Originally Posted by yasso008 View Post

      yea google plus +1 and facebook can help you in ranking
      does they worth the price? and likes from your country are better then likes from abroad? any way should i invest in likes from facebook or pluses from google?
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    Facebook like neither Facebook share will help in SEO, but yea they are good source of traffic
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      I am looking for an article (cant find one) on the value of personal profile likes to fan/business page versus fan/business page to fan/business page.

      Thank you...

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    So that's the case for trending in twitter?
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