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by severt
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Is there a tool that is scraping the web right now (and in the past year or so) that automatically researches the internet for low competition, high exact match search volume and a free .com domain name?

This can't be that hard right?

It would even be better if the Dutch market is researched.

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    When I was looking for the same thing, I ran into alot of short lived services that didn't stick around due to the lack of interest in the service. Manual research is going to be the best option here especially if you are going to want to find EMDs with geo-targeting in mind. To what extent you can "optimize" your manual research will determine how successful you can be in finding what you are looking for.

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    There was a tool around last year that I was looking at called Itches for Niches, and I know there was one for Amazon that was out last year.

    Not sure how IFN works but I guess scraping amazon keywords would be a lot easier than just scraping profitable keywords.
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    Hi, I just signed up for Itches for Niches and this could be something!
    Now contact them to search for the Dutch terms also

    Thanks for the tip Chris!
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    We have a lot of Dutch users from the Netherlands and they say it's working flawlessly.

    In fact, tool works even for Japanese characters.

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    Clyde, your software looks promising, however, your software still needs to do the research while Itches for Niches has ready to use data. I've tried Niche Finder from Callen earlier today, but this software couldn't check exact match domains for .nl. Is your software capable of doing that? And does your software has also ready data to use, or does it only work with keywords I put in?
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    why don't you use Market Samurai? its a cool tool to find the best niches. i have used it and got some really good keywords.
    try it out.
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    Domain Samurai is a free tool designed to do exactly that. Check it out here: Keyword Domain Name - Domain Samurai
    Did we help you out? Please thank us!

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    Hmm I've also given up on Itches for Niches. The product is not completely functioning, and while it's promising, it doesn't do everything I need.
    So it has ready to use data, but to see if a keyword is easy to rank for I still need to have to do a bunch of things, and there's not a system build in just like Niche Finder has.

    Market Samurai is good, but it doesn't have current data to work with and only works on the fly. Therefore, the information they provide is so extensively that I'm completely "shocked" by the amount of information. Or better said: "I don't get it".

    Never overlook the chase for the almighty dollar.
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    I think Google has such a tool for SEO users. But I don't find it out.
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