Google "Honeymoon" Period -- Real?

by RayW
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Is there such a thing as the Google "Honeymoon" Period, where new sites get temporarily high rankings then drop back down to "normal levels"? Personally, I've never experienced this. The members in Google Webmaster Tools support forum all seem to think it's true. I have experienced the Google "Dance" and being "sandboxed" but never a "honeymoon" period. What do you think?
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    Apparently it's true, but I've never experienced it, ever.
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      I've also seen it when you build a site around hot news topics.

      Google will show you love, then when the hype does your page.

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    Happens to pretty much all my new sites, but I start fairly aggressive link building right away. I start building links, after about 3-7 days the site ranks decently and stays there for a couple of days then tanks for a few weeks and then comes back very strong and stays for good.
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    Just as dp40oz said. If you are doing it right this is the case.

    I believe the reasoning is that the site is too new, when it reaches the first page Google spots it and flags it. After my sites reach a certain age, id say about 2 months I notice they stick well.
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    I've never experienced it. Keep in mind that I've built over 300 sites in the last year.

    Sometimes a site might pop up somewhere on page two/three and stay there or go up (after link building).
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    I've experienced it with every single new site I've made, though i've only heard it called the "google dance".
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    I think that this concept perhaps applies to easy keywords only? because I've honestly never had it happen to me. But we don't do easy/low comp. keywords...
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    This seems to happen to most of my sites.

    Kinda expect it to happen now, tbh!
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    Never heard of it been called the "Honeymoon Period" before.

    Think you're on about the Google Dance btw.

    James Scholes
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    They call it the honeymoon period usually. I have heard this term and seen plenty of articles on the honeymoonish sweet spot.I experienced it ...still waiting for things to come back to the more desireable level but my site is fairly new.
    I recommend link building in a quality way from the very beginning...
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    You may be confusing the 'honeymoon period' with what is know as QDF.
    New sites tend to rank quite well for keywords for a week or 2, and then drop down a few pages when the fresh content factor has worn off a little.

    2 nuts walked into a bar, 1 was assaulted! :p

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      yes, very new post i make goes into honeymoon period for about 24 hours or more.
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    I have experienced. I have also experienced some domains that are aged are better than other aged domains with the same amount of backlinks and similar type of content. It's odd. Google likes some domains better than others.

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    It exists but not for every KW or niche. The higher the competition the lighter the period!

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    Google loves fresh content. I really feel it's that simple.
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