Manual VS Automated backlink building?

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What works for you? I have been using magicsubmitter but I am not getting much results. I was thinking of doing all my tier one backlinks manually and then building links to these using magicsubmiter. Having read online that google cant tell between a manual or automated link I dont know if there is any point. Maybe I should concentrate on creating quality content?
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    I use a mixture of the two. My first tier links are 95% manual with unique content. My 2nd and 3rd tier links are a little less about quality and more about quantity.

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    I think the backlinks that go directly to the page you are trying to promote should be built manually. The page that are not directly backlinking to your page (such as article pages!) could be optimized automatically

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    Both of the above responses are absolutely spot on from very intelligent warriors!
    Treat your site like your baby and it will thrive!
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