Urgent help, my bounce rate is high

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My website is receiving traffic but the bounce rate is 80%, i have rewritten my content but the result still remain the same. here is the website getteethwhite.org, what should i do?
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    Did you target those who really need that product? How old is your website? I suggest you to make some other reviews about the product that you are selling. Target those users who have teeth problems.

    In my experience, squidoo lens can be good for getting a good traffic and ranking as well. You will notice that there are many authors who sell their products in squidoo. For better results, write contents together with your customer reviews and post it there.
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    If you work on internal links, that can help with your bounce rate. Use your stats to see which keyword phrases people are searching for when they find your page. Link to other content on your site that is as close as possible to what they were looking for. Use prominent internal links with anchor text that is designed to get the click.
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      Two things I see right away.

      1: The only navigation links in your header are Online Store, Contact Us, and Uncategorized. You will find very few people will ever click on a link that is called "uncategorized". If you had different categories with all your articles neatly filed into them, you have a much better chance of visitors exploring what your site has to offer them.

      2: You have a white box on the top of your site that says "This domain is for sale". This will cause visitors to hit the back button right away (imo).
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    I have made some changes to the site by adding pictures and removing the for sale banner. Hope this helps
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    You have a high bounce rate because your website looks super spammy.

    Change the theme.
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    Bounce rate has everything to do with:
    1- The quality of your content
    2- Whether or not you are targeting the right audience (receiving targeted traffic)
    3- And of course your ability to enter link your pages and use attention grabbing anchor texts to keep visitors clicking on your internal links and staying on your site longer.

    But over all, its the content that matters. Useful and really informative content is what makes your bounce rate go down. Good luck.
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    put some related post
    interesting content
    comment box
    these things will b help to recrudesce the bounce rate
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    Adding some video almost always helps with bounce rate. Also, consider adding more content.
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    I've reviewed your site and looks like there are a couple of things you could try to implement in order to decrease your bounce rate (80% is INDEED very high, but don't worry, you'll be able to fix it):

    1, Internal Links - I can see you most recent posts are available from almost all of your pages, but the reason why people don't click on them is because they can't tell the different between pages on your sites and the ads.

    Solution: I'd try to re-order your internal links either on the left-hand-side (where the Navigation Bar usually is (or at the top). Also, you could try to add internal links at the bottom of your pages, leading back to either the HomePage or other related pages. I'd add one link to the HP and one link to the closest related page (of course use keywords with your internal links).

    2, Images - I can see that you have one image at the beginning of your content pages. Maybe more images or graphics would entice your visitors to stay around a bit longer. The same goes for related videos

    3, You could try to change the Look and Feel of the site to a theme that's easier to navigate. I'm not an expert on your topic so I really can't give you any suggestions on that, but experiment with the look and feel can make a big difference overnight.

    That's it for now. I hope that was helpful.
    No agenda here...
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