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I have a site that is about six months old and I can't get it to move up for the two primary keywords. In fact, the site dropped out of the top 1000 (that's right - one thousand) after a link building campaign by someone on WF.

The best it is doing now is ranking 106 for a pair of obscure secondary KWs. The site and all of the pages are still indexed. I checked by searching the keyword and site name together and the results show up on page one.

I have read in a couple of other posts that one viable option in a scenario like this is to create a new site for the content. If I decide to go that route should I just copy the content onto the new site and close down the original site? Or, would it be better to build the new site with the content and redirect from the old site with 301s?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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    What you are describing sounds like a penalty for unreal link building. I think you should scan your backlinks first. And creating a website is not a solution. What if your other website could not get ranked high... you cannot create a new website every time. So its better to work on this website vigorously.

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