When I Respond to a Youtube Video - it always says "User needs to confirm"

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Everytime a respond to a video on youtube - I get the same old message about user will have to allow my video to appear as a response. Is that the way it is with youtube nowadays - every response to a video - you have to wait for the person's approval.

However, I read on this forum that ppl find where they don't need anyone's approval to get their response video out there.

I hope I'm making sense - any help?
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    I find auto-approve video responses all the time.

    Sometimes it takes some digging, still it's not that difficult.

    What's your video subject?
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    I'm sure its always been like that. Many big Youtube people don't like to advertise other channels at all so don't even let anyone post video responses.
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    Maybe it's a setting in YT.
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    Yukon - my subject is mostly pets, politcs, SEO and some other things as well.

    The thing is - I don't know until I respond to a certain video and it tells me that it will post it when they approve it.
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