I'm worried about some clicks i got

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I have a Photoshop Site and I've a feed on feedburner

A few days ago i added a link to the feed on my site. Before that i only had a email subscription box.

Today I got 20 adviews and 11 clicks. Each click was 6.66 euro ! making me over 73 euro

I'm worried that these clicks are not real and google might think i'm up to no good and having people click my ads. which i'm not.

What should I do >?

How can i check which IP's clicked the ads ?
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    The only thing that you can lose here are these 73 euro and you can also get a warning from Adsense // try to remove some of the advertisements in your website to avoid this!

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    Should i report it to google ? or leave it and see what happens ?
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