can i have separate websites with subdomains?

by Kikos
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Hi I am a little confused about this and I would appreciate if someone can help me understand

I have a website (fake names)
cats .mydomain .com
and I don't understand is this separate from SEO point of view from
www .mydomain .com?
can I have a totally different website like
sofas .mydomain .com
which is fully separate from the cats example above or does this mean that the 2 of them will share all SEO and therefore get it all confused between cats and sofas for search engines?

I know I can buy different domains, but I just want to understand this because if it is possible I want to avoid buying more domains.

Thank you very much for explaining!
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    Although I have not tested it...I believe that your subdomain is treated as a seperate entity altogether. I could be wrong so let someone else chime in that may have a better understanding of this scenario before making a decision.

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      Yes.. they are considered separate domains in Google's thing that has changed is if you link from one sub domain to another sub domain it will only count as a internal link and not an external link..hope that helps
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    Google is supposed to handle subdomains as totally different domains.
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