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Hey Guys,
I have a product review website that reviews all products in a category (we'll say weight loss), which has a link to my top choices at the bottom and side bar of my articles. I have written about practically every product in this category, and have done no SEO whatsoever, relying on google to index my quality content naturally.

This strategy has worked so far, but my traffic is starting to fall off a little bit. I have looked at a gazillion SEO packages, and have ordered a couple, but I am unsure of what keywords to target.

Trying to target my main keywords (the products that I sell) is like trying to compete against Coca just ain't gonna happen.

I guess my question is, what keywords should I target to get the maximum amount of traffic to my blog? Should I find the highest traffic keywords and target them? Or would I just direct links to my homepage and let the link juice trickle down?

Any suggestions from experienced warriors would be appreciated.

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    Hey Rob, it's great that you're taking action and seeking advices here, I'll try to do my best to answer your question, let me know if anything is unclear.

    From what I can see, you're kw research is where you're stuck at. First, you have that highly searched keyword that seems pretty competitive but is more likely to bring a good chunk of traffic if you can rank for it and second you have the other products/secondary keywords for which you don't seem to have much data on.

    Before choosing any keywords to rank for, you must understand that you're playing a ROI game here, and all that matters really is what keywords will give you the best return on your investment in a decent time frame and at an affordable price you can accord.

    After reading your post, I will guess that you are still beginning in SEO and for that reason I'll advise you to target the less competitive keywords that still get decent traffic. You'll probably agree that getting 40% of a 1000 searches/month term is better than 0% of a 20000 searches/month keyword...

    So now that you understand that principle, it's time to do your own research and find the data you need to make such decisions. Since you already have what seems like quite a few articles written, I'd say that Google keyword tool should be more than enough at this moment to find the EXACT searches (make sure to check that box and uncheck broad if you want to get relevant data) each keywords you're targeting get each month. After it's done, I'd make a list of these keywords and classify them from the most searches to the least searches. From there, analyze each keywords (competition analysis) and decide if whether or not you'll be able to rank for it fairly quickly and easily.

    There really is a lot of factors that come into play when doing competition analysis, but as a start you should look at domain age, PR, keyword in title and url backlinks.

    Hope this helps, let us know what information you still need or just pm me!
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    First of All you should perform comprehensive keyword research in order to sorted out best available keyword relevant to your Niche! After Sorted Out Keywords, You Should Determine the competition of Keywords! It is Batter Approach To Target Mix bag of Keywords instead of targeting high competition keywords!
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