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This is purely a test of a few black hat techniques i never really use anymore and want to see if they still work. The domains will be web 2.0 accounts. Seo tools/techniques will be outlined for each. THE SAME KEYWORD IS TARGETED IN ALL FOUR CASES TO MAKE IT FAIR!

Test one
Seo Nuke, xrumer, amr
Scraped articles only
Technique used is link push 5-10 web 2.0 a week all from scraped articles, 1 post each, 1 amr run ever 1-2 days to tier 1, xrumer blast 1 time a week.

Test Two
Blasting the hell out of it with amr runs 3-5 times a week.

Test three
Twitter Attack
Yes i am using build my rank just for fun, 5-10 build my ranks a month blasted by amr and twitter attack managing my twitter account.

Test 4
Balls to the wall test. 1 amr run a day. 1 seo nuke run of 10 web 2.0 and bookmarks done. 1 xrumer run a day if i have time.

I will register all the 2.0 domains and post what they are on here when i do. Should be interesting to see the results.
#black #hat #true
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    so? what happened?
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      so? what happened?
      Why are you bumping a nearly 1 year old thread?
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